Progress update & Sneak peeks!

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! :D

Here is a progress update regarding the extended demo! Alongside the demo, progress has been made towards the full game as well. 

We're happy to announce that the writing for the extended demo is complete! This raises the entire length of the demo to ~40k words!  

Our art team has also finished all the designs for the Character Tiers! Although we're still waiting on the last design (Commoner Representative) to be approved, we are already moving onto finalizing the character sprites! Here's a quick preview of the characters you can expect to see in the game now! :D 

As previously mentioned, the script for the demo has been been finished, which means our writers have already started working on more scenes for the full game! Our total word count as of today is ~80k words—more than double the size of the upcoming demo. 

In regards to art updates, we've added aboard a new background artist! They've already started working and are moving steadily forward towards our goal. Here are a few previews for you! 

We'll be uploading the representative character profiles soon! :D Stay tuned and see you next update!

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This demo is superb. I can't wait for the game. I already told you this a few months ago, but it bears repeating, Such a good job!

Thank you so much for the continuous support! :D We're doing our best to bring you the full release! >w<b