Progress Update & CG sneak peek!

Hello everyone! We hope you guys have been doing well! :D

We're experiencing the last heat wave of the year here and at the same time, approaching the last weeks of writing for the main story!

Week 52! We can't believe there are only 8 more weeks until the main storyline ends!

At the same time, the OG writer is working on Nazir's romance route in parallel to keep everything consistent and connected! Here's a sneak peek :D

Alexis manages to extract the most important information: This devil-may-care is always up to something!

With the writing proceeding so smoothly, CGs have also been worked on. Almost all CG mockups have been completed and are getting converted into proper, clean drafts!

Here's an estimation of our current progress:

BGs will be the ones getting completed first from our art team! We will complete the main story in September to focus on the romance paths afterwards. Aurelius' route was the one that was completed first. Now, with the story nearing its end, we've noticed many things that need editing and / or rewriting. But it's something we already expected, so we'll tackle it right afterwards!

The last months of this year will be very editing and CG-ing intensive for us, but we're still good in schedule for our planned Q1 2020 release!

That's all for this update! See you guys again next time :D

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Hello, developers! ^^ Finally I got to try the demo yesterday lol And it's really high quality. I love all of it! BUT the one stood out the most might be the neat sound effects and the status system. It's really good!

So at first I didn't know that you can choose your character appearance and I played as the short haired Alexis for a while. I got really immersed. I found out I can choose long hair later, and I switched just to see. Alexis suddenly became really different XD Short-haired and long-haired Alexis have a different aura, imo. Their voice in my head is different, so I got confused for a sec lol XD

Yesterday I took a look at your KickStarter and is it finished already? :O I saw the more-love-interest stretch goal, and it seemed we didn't reach it. I hope we can get it as a DLC someday :(

You have booked my money when this is finished. It seems you have Q1 2020 as a release target, I'm so excited!! Your game will be my friend as I go through my last moments before I have to do my thesis as a final year college student T.T

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Hello!! Thank you very much for playing and the lovely comment! :D

Yes! Although Alexis has the same character no matter the gender, we also find that appearance changes the vibe! :D If one day, we get enough extra funds to voice the characters; they will end up having different voices too!

Extra VA, more content and more-love-interests are things we would really love to bring as DLC someday!

We will do our best, so our game can give you emotional support during Q1 2020! Good luck with your final year!

I' almost sad. I feel like I've been watching this game grow up. A happy parent, tho haha :)

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This child will be ready for adulthood and go out into the world in a few months's time XD

I'm going to be too poor for my child XD

Thank you for your hard work! I really appreciate this and i am really looking forward to the game and most of all looking forward for Nazir since he is my favorite! I just love his personality hehe! keep up the good hard work! xD 


Thank you so much!!! Happy you like Nazir so much <3 We'll keep doing our best >w<b