Sneek peeks and fanworks!

Hi everybody!

We hope you guys have been doing well! :D Last month has been incredibly busy for us, but productive as well!

Due to the complexity of the last week, it took a while to be written. However, it's completed and ready to be edited! 

Many stats will be put to test! Many fates Alexis' decisions and skills will decide :D Here is a small sneak peek!

Many branches and many ways to survive... but can you save the ones you hold most dear?

The first ending scenes are rolling in and we've decided to add a small epilogue to wrap things up more cleanly. It could become a bit tight especially since our writers have been slightly held back due to real life and / or health issues but we are trying our best!

The biggest development happened in the CG department. All of the game's CGs have been lined!!! :D Now they're getting flat colored before we proceed to shading and after effects!

Demetis will sometimes stream promotional art and non-spoilery CG process on Twitch so check out her scheduled events if you are interested! We'd be super happy if you dropped by! :D

We hope to finish CG-ing and (re)writing and editing work this year to move onto proofreading, scripting and testing in 2020!


Additionally, October has brought in many fanworks and promotional art for us! Starting with Serin's birthday! :D

Here is a small showcase for you! 

Illustrated by Demetis!

 Illustrated by Crystal from Reanimation Scheme!

 Illustrated by Akua Kourin from Demon's Decoy!

For more, check out our Twitter or join our Discord to be up to date with the most recent news!

That's it for this update. See you guys again soon!


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