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Fantasy | Royal Court | Stats Raising

Royal Alchemist is a stats-raising Otome | BL RPG in a high-fantasy royal court setting.

Keep the main characters alive through the story while improving their skills and craft various items, fulfill quests and advance the country’s development.

The King was murdered.

The assassins have not been found. And the threat of rebellion hangs over the land.

With the succession thrown open and none of the three Royal Princes ready to take the throne, the King’s brother has assumed the Regency.

Hoping to protect the nation and its people and help the rightful heir to the throne, the Regent has sought the help from the High Council, a neutral and influential faction of powerful magicians. The delegate it has sent, however, isn’t someone the Eskian aristocracy prefers, for more reasons than it seems.

You are the scion of the ancient Rosenkreuz family, the High Council’s delegate and newly appointed Tutor to the Royal Princes. Can you navigate the maze of Eskian politics and guide the princes on the path of power? Or will you succumb to the murky intrigues of the court, and the ever-present danger of assassins?

♦ Male or female protagonist
♦ 3 dateable characters
♦ 2 stats raising systems 
♦ Time management & quest system
♦ 10+ Endings
♦ ...and many deaths

Demetis - Programming, Management, Main Artist

Agashi - Story Consultant

Fuyuure - Art

adirosa - Art Assistance

alfdale - Writing

potouto - Logo & UI

Install instructions

Current Demo version: 0.1

This demo covers the first 11 weeks of the VN and is meant give you a feel of the gameplay, the quality of the art and writing. Please note that it will not contain all scenes we plan for that time frame: some of our assets, like the CGs, are still WIPs and will be polished in the official release.

Edit 09/12/18: Our Kickstarter campaign is LIVE!
Edit 10/12/18: Our Kickstarter successfully finished! Contact us to donate on PAYPAL!


Royal Alchemist Demo (Windows) 126 MB
Royal Alchemist Demo (Mac) 124 MB
Royal Alchemist Demo (Linux) 129 MB

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That was absolutely delightful and so very well balanced! It's great having so much story content. The stat manipulation feels very natural and not like a grind in the slightest. The characters are all interesting and charming. 

I only have two comments. First, while I know from what we're told at the beginning of the game that Nazir is beloved by the common people and a generally good guy, the 'silverware' scene is a bit uncomfortable to me. I think it might be a good idea to make it more clear that the maid was a willing participant, not the victim of a power imbalance and unwanted attention.

Second--and this is probably just me--I was really hoping that the female Alexis would be the same avatar, just with longer hair.  Same clothes and face. Sigh. Maybe I've just been watching too much anime. I think I've overdosed on tiny, cute girls.

All in all, this is a wonderful, beautifully high quality demo, and I'll definitely be contributing to the Kickstarter. Well, when I get paid. ;)

They killed me on Week 11 *pout* I was almost done! Oh well. Maybe I'll finish another time.

We'll definitely need a guide once it's out. I have no idea what I've been doing with my and princes' stats (apparently keeping even is a BAD idea), what we could or should have been crafting or how tough the skill checks are.

Great game, obviously. (And nice cast. I like the Regent and Serin most of all. And Nazir is a charmer).

Oh oh xD Yes keeping even is a very bad idea :P (Focus first, branch out later! XD) If you are replaying the demo again, you can check out some spoiler-free hints here!

Thank you very much for playing! We're happy you're enjoying everything so far! :D 

hi im a backer is there any way to up my pledge level to a different level as you guys dont seam to have used a backerkit and i really want to get a higher pledge level.


Yes, we don't use Backerkit. Please just message us on Kickstarter and we can sort it out as we're still accepting more pledges over Paypal! :D Thanks!

how do i contact you on kickstarter?


so, this is possibly the best and most engaging VN (i've spent a lot of time just checking out all possible routes- the story has me drawn in and it's just so good) on itch.io. i like it A LOT, so i'm gonna try to get my friends to donate, hook them onto the game, and spread the word. you guys just deserve a lot of support, since you clearly thought everything out. congrats on the really great VN; you guys will definitely recieve critical acclaim when this baby slips out the oven.


Thank you so much for the kind words! We're so happy to hear that you've spent so much time on exploring the demo and enjoyed it!

We super appreciate you spreading the word too! ;v;b As this project also means a lot to us we really appreciate all the support! Thank you!


The politics and characters' social dynamic are intriguing, the characters' design is drawn lovely, and the significance of every actions (may it be the choice in the narration, a mission, making potion, or the studies) are composed or constructed pretty well. It wasn't kidding in "(there are)...many (ways to) deaths" in this adventure, but it doesn't mean taking away that moment of proud (a bit hint and spoiler) when beholding the training results from your certain royal pupils ;)

Nonetheless, keep up the great work and I look forward to its final version ^^


Thank you so much for the kind words! :D We'll keep trying our best >w<b


This game is so good and the art is just beautiful! Definitely one of my favorites. I hope there will be a guide though because I'm dyinggg in the part where it says 'All Love Fails'. Well, I'll keep trying. Keep working, guys! I'm looking forward to the full game!

Thank you so much! Happy you enjoyed the demo >w<b

Yes, there will definitely be a guide with the full release! Plus different difficulty settings to match your preferences! :D


This game is amazing. Also if the Uncle turns out to be evil, I will cry because I love him just as much as the princes (not in the same way but still). Seriously, it seems like a fun game and I'm not even done with the demo.

Thank you so much! :D Happy you like the Uncle too \o\

We're so glad you like the demo so far and wish you a lot of fun with the rest! >v<


This game is amazing!
I just had to back it. ^_^
Quick question, is the 2020 release date a place holder, or is it your goal?
I understand either way, I'm just really excited to see what is to come. ^_^

Thank you so much for the support! :D Happy you enjoyed it!

And the game is set to release early 2020 (most likely February) since there is still a lot of content to be delivered! Of course, if we happen to be able to hire more people and deliver everything earlier, we can hopefully bring it during Q4 2019! :D


You're so very welcome!
Understandable, I look forward to it then. ^^
Well, I hope that the last of 2018 and 2019 goes well for all of you~! And hopefully everything goes as smoothly as possible. ^^
I look forward to its release and future updates. ^^
Have a good day/night!

Woah! this game looks fun!
i'll download it for sure! i hope you don't mind me playing it on my youtube channel.
Oh and i have a question, the final version..will it be pay to play?

Feel free to play the demo on your youtube channel :) We love watching playthroughs of the demo to see people's reactions to scenes xD

Yes, the final release will have a pricetag.

I really enjoyed the game and I'm not normally one that likes stat building games! However, I decided to pledge on kickstarter( the one that includes the guide O_O ) so I look forward to seeing the full game released in future!

Thank you so much for the support! :D And we're glad you enjoyed the game >w<b (The guide will definitely be handy for surviving and exploring as many routes as possible \o\ )

We'll keep doing our best to bring the full release! :D

That game is great fun! I love this mix of court politic and stat raising game, fantastically writen with a lot of events and oportunities for horrible death. It's also very pretty, character are versatille and great fun to interact with. Good luck with it <3

Thank you very much for the feedback! We'll keep trying our best with it! >w<b

One of the best virtual novels I've played in a long time. Whereas most demos are either dis-interesting or too short, this demo is both long enough to entertain, entice, and excite and to make anxious about the next update. I strongly advise you play this multiple times. (And save a lot. Finally got past the assassins XD) 

A lovely game well-written, illustrated and crafted in general.

Thank you very much for the feedback! :D

(1 edit)

This visual novel is interesting, with action and loveable characters. I'm happy how the MC is written because half of the time they are compeletly useless in visual novels. But here the MC has emotions and is kinda relatable. I really loved the different way this visual novels goes with stats (even tho it's hard to get correct stats). I can't wait to read the rest of the visual novel. It's obvious you've used a lot of time to make this visual novel, because the music is amazing, beautiful character art and detailed backgrounds.

//Also Aurelius is sooo askksaka yes.

Thank you very much! >w< Yes, we've spent a fair bit of time onto this project and are very glad that it's rather well received! We hope to make the stats a bit easier to guess in the full version but happy to know you enjoyed the different routes so far! :D

This is not a normal VN I've found so far! I'm really bad with this style of game that needs to raise stats, though.... Hahahaha... But still! This is very interesting!! I dunno whether the demo would end with the player always dying or there's another ending for the demo, but I'd really like to at least get a romantic-ish scene with one of the bachelor lol... actually I'm very interested with Aurelius! So far, though, the story itself is very interesting, just hoping that the stats, missions, and others wont take a whole week... I mean like making 1 item only ends the whole week, and that's pretty fast... TT^TT At least maybe 3 items or 1 item with classes or 1 item with mission? Also, perhaps the scenes per week is quite short as well? Not sure since it's quite different than normal VNs with chapters, but it felt short for the demo... Hopefully it'll be longer in the full version~! Just saying though, personal opinion~ But well, Overall, I really like this game and enjoying it~!! Waiting for the full version!! :D (Hopefully will be able to play the full version :'))

Hi! Thank you for the feedback! :D

Yeah, this demo actually didn't have a lot of scenes for the bachelors yet >w<! There's actually more for that time frame! :D

As for the time balancing! The whole system is actually built up in a way that your actions during the week equals a "choice" in the standard VN! :D Each with its own consequences and different paths they will take you on! o.o For example, it definitely won't be possible to max out all your stats, or craft all items, or go on all missions in a single playthrough! As in a normal VN it isn't possible to experience all routes in one time playing! So what you choose to do definitely matters and get you onto a lot of different branches :)

As for the length in the scenes, we have different planned for them >w<b Some are just quite short, some are definitely longer like; Week 11.  Also, week 11 has a few different outcomes :D If you have reached "End of Demo." then you made it out alive! 

Thank you very much >w<! We're glad you have enjoyed the demo! :D

Oh! I actually reached the "End of Demo" (if i'm not mistaken) but since the pplayer kinda fainted? I supposed, so I thought she died hahaha... >w<"

And I see.. Well I'll just try to do better in balancing it myself then! Hahaha! Hopefully will turn out better in the full version! Lol XD

So far, I really enjoyed playing the demo so waiting for the full version haha :D

Good luck with finishing the final product and cant wait to see how it'll be! :D >w<b

Yes, you actually weren't the only one who mistook the ending xD In our next update, we'll try to make it a bit more clear >w<b

We'll try our best to balance it out in the full release as well >w<b To make everything feel a bit more guided :D 

Thank you so much for the feedback!

I LOVE THIS GAME  SOO MUCH!, even if it was just a demo. It was nice and fun. And I made my friends play as well. They chose to die in purpose, laughed when the "All love fails" tag appeared and had fun playing the game.

Also, they want a regent ending... and they also want to date the assassins, for some weird reason.

Another friend tho, wanted to end up with Prince Aurelius, she was super serious with it, but died. so... TAKE MY MONEY!! (the kickstarter page is still loading btw)
(also, we're all very excited for the full game)

Thank you so much! So happy you and your friends enjoyed it so much ah >//////<!

The "All love fails" tag is our favorite ;) We had a "Nobody loves you" tag for that at first, but thought it might come across as a bit harsh so xD The Regent seems to be a popular candidate for possible routes for some reason xD But the assassins, that's a first!

We will keep doing our best! Thank you so much for the support! :D

Is there an acrylic charm for the Regent? 'Cause if there is I'd totally add more money for that add on. My mom was against buying the CHf 150 and the CHf 100 *sad* so we just settled with the CHf 65 *happy again*.  I'm telling my friends to spend their money as well... FOR HAPPINESS (i'm pretty sure if there was anything related to the assassins, they'll buy it.)

Awe -paps- For the moment, no Regent charm is planned, sorry D; Not sure about the (a bit further) future, maybe we'll come up with something for the side cast because some characters like the Regent do have some request xD 

Thank you so SO much for the support! >w<

I'm really bad at these kinds of games where stats determine the outcome xD So far I'm on maybe my 3rd restart of the game and 7th try to survive the attack in the middle of the night. I keep dying no matter what so at this point I'm going to try to find a tutorial because I want to experience the full demo; it's been absolutely amazing so far. The writing is incredible and the action doesn't happen too fast, as it does in a lot of other visual novels I've played/read. I'm super stoked for the full game.

Ahhhh thank you so much! We're super happy you enjoy the demo!

The fullgame will definitely have multiple difficulty settings and that will hopefully relax this a bit! This is not a tutorial per se but a spoiler-free hint sheet, since a lot of people were actually asking! Maybe it will help you a bit!


(If you're interested in the real numbers though some of the first comments much below have them -coughs coughs coughs-)

That was honestly so helpful. Thank you xD It realized it's actually not too difficult as long as you focus on intelligence/combat and the stats associated with the love interest you're pursuing. It was also really helpful to learn that the missions and alchemy items really aren't that important and you can, for the most part, ignore them. It's pretty cool in my opinion that this game kind of requires a lot of poking around and experimenting with what works or doesn't work, because it really gets you into the story and makes forward progress so much more rewarding. 

No problem! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Yes, missions are designed in a way that you can ignore them, but targetting the specific ones (especially in the final release) that relate to your romance pursue will make the MC's life a lot easier (literally)! xD Of course, there will be still lots of experimenting, but there are always some general thumb rules that get easier to figure out as time goes on :D

I loved the demo! You really left me hanging... Can't wait for the full game! This is definetly going to be worth the wait and my money! <3

Thank you so much! >w< Happy you enjoyed it! :D


Amazing game but hate that it won't be free...

Thank you!

Sorry to say so but I downloaded this yesterday and I appear to be getting the bug that prevents you getting past the assassin encounter. It doesn't appear to matter what I say or do, whether I have the explosives, or how high my intelligence and/or combat skills are nor even the magic skills of any of the princes. I always get the ending where you collapse after catching the mage with Garion and his men and the game says that's the end of the demo.

Oh, that's not a bug xD It's the true ending of the demo.

"End of the demo" = You made it through o.ob
"Game Over" = You died and could have done things differently o.ob

Ah. Alright thank you for letting me know that I wasn't actually hit with a bug for once, If there is a bug in something I'm almost always unlucky enough to come up against it! I guess the ending seemed a little abrupt, and potentially deadly, to me and since I'd just read about a problem that others had with that encounter (while trying to find out if I was just flat out doing something wrong)  I assumed the usual had happened again. Good to know the issue this time was only me being a twit!

No worries >w<\

Yeah, the ending can be a bit misleading since you collapse either way xD Just with or without the following death :P It will be better in the full version because the story actually continues xD

(1 edit)

correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't the house name your character is from some kind of illuminati type order??? oh and another thing because i'm irritating, why would the princes come to greet us at the gate? lords and ladies would have to go to them to greet them as tradition dictates and what not

Not that we know of, no xD "Rosenkreuz" is a German word though, so it might appear here and there.

Also, the princes didn't come to greet you :) They were passing through, as it isn't an uncommon thing for them to actually be out of the palace for bussiness / missions. The greeting the MC would traditionally have to do was also skipped due to the State Dinner, since they were able to talk and give their regards to people there (off-screen xD).

yeah they're a terrorist group in the anime trinity blood and I remember looking them up and they were apparently some sort of secret society i can't really remember :/ and ooohhhh I seee

I can't wait for this to be fully released- I'm thoroughly entranced. Keep up the good work, I'll definitely be pre-ordering!

Thank you so much! :D We shall keep doing our best!

Do you have an idea what the price will be for the full release? I want to make sure I set aside some money for when I can buy or pre-order the game. :)


Ahh thank you! >w<

The full release will be for 20USD (with much more content!) although it’s possible to pre-order it for 15 (with extras) on our Early Bird Kickstarter tier next week >w<!


That's a freaking steal?? I was expecting more, I'm ready for my money to be taken. xD

I wanna love this game, but i fucking suck! I fail at every test, and no one like me lol. Oh well .

Aaaah we‘ll put different difficulties later >w< That will hopefully relax it a bit!

The thumb rule by such games is basically save often! xD Even if yow were to make all the wrong decisions it should be possible to have them like you by succeeding in their scenes check and their mission! :D


thank you!! And just to let you know I played through the whole demo even though I failed. The characters are interesting, and attractive to look at, the story is intriguing and the game mechanics are fun. Just wish I could kill all the nobels!!!!

Hi! I played the demo and I'm already a huge fan and totally willing to buy the full game. I was just curious as to if you think I will be released on Steam or maybe even a vague idea of when the full version will come out! You're doing great! Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you so much! So happy you liked it so much! >///<

Yes! The game will be released on Steam as well! The Steam page will be up the next couple of days after we have finished sorting out our Kickstarter campaign :D

We are aiming for a full release in Winter 2019 or Spring 2020. With all the content still upcoming that's the most realistic goal we can aim for (the demo barely covers 15%)!
But we will release a second demo with more polished content during Next Spring to give you guys something to enjoy while waiting! :D

Normally I don't comment unless I have issues with the games but I wanted to say I really look forward to the full release, I'm very intrigued. The writing is also very lovely and I really NEED to know what happens. =3 Keep up the good work, I hope everything comes together nicely!

Thanks a lot! Super happy you‘ve enjoyed the demo :D

We shall continue doing our best for the full release >w<b

Hello! I'm currently playing the game and even though I'm not that far into the game, overall I am loving the concept and the minigame-esque part where we get to make the schedules for ourselves as well as the princes so that was cool :) I know that you just released this but I was wondering if you know if you're gonna make the full game be free or will it have a price tag?

Hi! Thank you for playing :D Super happy you enjoyed the game so far! >w<

A more detailed free demo is planned along the road and the full release will have a price tag >w<

Ooh I see okay cool. Thanks for answering my question and I have a feeling that I will for sure purchase the full game when it comes out! :D

Hi.  Overall I'm really enjoying the game so far (looking forward to a full release) but I was wondering-is there a way to check your stats anywhere?

Yup! When you're in the weekly scheduler, roll your mouse over your character portrait.  Your stats will appear on the left.  Do the same thing with the Prince's portraits and you'll see their progress as well.

Thanks for covering >w<b


It’s as Answerless says xD

In the full release we will implement an option for you to access the stats better >w< And glad you’re enjoying the demo so far! :D

OK-thanks.  Also I have one more possibly stupid question (apologies)-from what I can tell, every week you can either do lessons (i.e. raise stats) OR craft an item OR do a mission, but you can't do 2-3 of those-is that correct or am I doing something wrong/not trying to do them in the correct order?

Not at all! It's correct. You can only perform one out of those 3 actions >w<

need more death 0.69/10 uwuwuwuwu

Omg xD While some people can't seem to escape death too.

But of course, our end game will have many more glorious deaths o.ob

I liked the game very much, from the first minutes it already made me excited. I also liked the gameplay, it is very dynamic and the difficulty is normal (I really enjoyed the missions that appear on the map). 


Ahhh! Thank you so much for playing and the kind words! 

We're so happy the missions system is well received >//////< It's a feature we wanted to implement to give the players the choice to go on little side-adventures with the princes and also take a breather from the stressful events at court! (Because seriously, the MC will need it xD)

About a doubt that I have ... does it have an ending for the Aurelius and for the Nazir? I'm just getting Serin's.

Oh it does!

Serin is the standard route you get onto though if all affections are in balance. So to get onto the other routes, you can ignore the first mini quest (Heavenly Beauty) and finish the one of the character which route you want instead!

I love this game! But I can't get past when the assassins are at the castle, any tips?

Hey! Thank you so much for playing! :D

It depends, the general tip is to have Alexis' Combat OR Intelligence fairly high (40-ish) and the Princes' Magics 40-ish as well! Serin with Light & Wood, Nazir with Fire & Wind, Aurelius with Water & Darkness.

Also, make sure to refresh your build since our first release had a bug where you almost can't survive that scene xD Our newest build is from about 2-3 hours ago! You can continue with a Savegame anywhere before Week 11 :D

Ok, Thank you! 

Just a quick question, since I suspect this may be the case...

For Serin's demo ending, is he supposed to be trained in light and wood? I have wind and wood come up as checks, have been training him in them a lot, but keep failing,

(1 edit)

You suppose rightly, Light and Wood are Serin's elements!

If you have Wind coming up however, it's a hint you have enough affection points to get on Nazir's route. If you want to succeed in Serin's route, your Light has to be on 30 and Wood on 40.
(We are considering lowering the stats since if it might seem to high for the first check >w< )

Edit: Also, there's been a bug reported on Week 11 which might make it impossible for you to succeed Serin's route! If you update the latest Demo and start again before Week 11 (any savegame from before that should be fine), it should be ok now! :D