Progress Update

Hello everyone!

A quick update on the current progress!

Half of June / July have been the recruiting phase for us! We have two new writers: Windchimes (Outlines, Serin’s route) and Sepha (Missions)! :D Both have started their tasks and the writing is progressing smoothly.

Meanwhile, progress has been made on the generic route! We’re entering the Eskian Foreign Politics arc with the introduction of a new character (who also happens to be the last female side character of the game).

We present to you: Lady Gabrielle of the Mahrenian Council!

Her first appearance is set at Week 22 for now!

Additionally, our BG set is almost completed! Meanwhile, the artists have been slowly working on the CGs as well. There is a lot to be done, but we’re giving it our all!

That’s it for this quick update! :D 

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Hello! I just found this game (yes, like 5 minutes ago). What is the difference between scripting and writing?

I'm on my way to play the demo right now! Keep up the good work!

Hello! We'r super happy to see a fresh face >w</ Hope you'll have fun with the demo!

Also, writing is the traditional story writing. 
Scripting is putting the writing into the game engine and add character images, backgrounds, music etc. to it :D