Daily Life & Daily Death!

Hello everyone!

We hope everyone is doing well. The weather is turning outright freezing and we’ve enjoyed some freshly baked Xmas cookies today!

For this update, we would like to present you the last two sections of the Grimoire! The coding has not been completed yet, but the first drafts are ready!

Let’s start with Daily Life!

Each side mission of the game features a mini illustration, as you have seen in our demo! They will be collected here. The locked ones will also display the type of mission you can get them from!

Those are mainly events not super related to the main story. You can collect anything to form Alexis’ life differently at each playthrough – from Aurelius barking at soldiers, to fangirling maids!

They don’t just increase (or decrease) the approval of the factions, but also of  any possible route / ending you can pursue.

You can get through the game even if you ignore the missions completely. But it’s highly recommended to spend some extra time with the Princes (and others) to explore more possibilities in Royal Alchemist :D

The Daily Life section also features the “Routes” display for you to track which ending you’re currently leaning towards!

Now, to the Daily Deaths!

Every death ending will unlock a mini illustration as well!

Each unique death you collect will give you 1 stats bonus. This bonus will be considered to each of Alexis’ stats at every check!

Which means, if you only have 0 Combat at an assassination, you will have 0 + 3 combat after dying in 3 different ways xD

This is a feature we have implemented to give the players an even better chance at survival. It will be off by default so you can leave it at that if you want to beat the game with your raw power! :D (Or if you want to collect death endings…)


That’s it regarding gameplay and coding progress!

Our art team is current working on the first character tier draft. Due to the upcoming holidays, we hope for your patience until we release the first sneak peeks!

On the writing side, Writer P. has finished his part for what’s still missing for the Extended demo. He will return in 2019 to write more scenes for the full game! Thanks to the holidays, our original writer alfdale will be able to deliver more as well.

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I love this game so much and I can't wait for this feature to be implemented in the game! The art style and game design is great. The way this game works also really intrigues me. I think that this game is really good so far, but I still think that in the future we may need more saving slots, since there are so many choices and alternatives in the game. Also the fact that I can't check the stats unless I'm planning a lesson, but that should be fine when the Grimoir's in the game.

Thank you so much!

Yes, the Grimoire should help a lot with stats planning :D And we'll implement enough slots for you to be able to save at least once a week! (More should actually be available but we understand the importance of saving with this gameplay xD)

Encouraging us to find ways to kill ourselves lol jk

Not so far from the truth :P (jk xD)