Character Spotlight: <Aurelius> & Charms Previews!

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And now, we present to you the last one of our main cast on today’s character spotlight! The prodigious, strong, but rude youngest prince of Eskia, Aurelius

♦  Despite behaving selfishly sometimes, unpredictable on the occasion, and rude almost always, Aurelius displays irrefutable politeness and charisma in the presence of visiting ambassadors. When the situation calls for it, he has the best silver tongue in the land, so foreigners typically refer to him him as an “exotic beauty” or “The Flower of Eskian Society.”  

Harris has often had to, on Aurelius’ orders, politely step in with an excuse when victims of his false pleasantries get the wrong—typically romantic—idea.

♦  Aside from chess, he actually enjoys a fair bit of hunting. To quote the man himself: “It requires physical and intellectual fitnesse.”

♦  A strong mind resides in a strong body; he’s actually the cast’s biggest eater. And, although he is ambidextrous, Aurelius prefers to use his right hand.

Read Aurelius’ Q&A here!

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