Trailer up!

Tomorrow is the day! Are you ready for our Kickstarter ? >w<

It will launch at 3PM GMT-4! Get ready if you got your eyes on the limited rewards!

Again, we want to thank you all for your support so far! We hope you continue to enjoy this journey together with us!

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Nice trailer! I can't wait for the full release of the game ahhh! 

Also oof I wish i could donate to the kickstarter (when it launches) D:

 Thank you so so much for the support! We'll do our best to bring the full release asap! XD

And awe D: We got the request to make a Patreon for updates since some people can't use Kickstarter >w<! That might be an option down the road since it's more accessible and people can jump on later as well if now isn't the best time.

Oh no rush! I can wait, I'm just hyped :)

Also yeah sadly, at the moment I'm not able to donate or anything :c  but I will look forward to your updates and supporting you on social media and through just enjoying my time playing the demo ^-^ that stuff y'know

Yes! Thanks a lot for your support >w<! We really appreciate it :D