Minor Bug Fix!

And~ here comes the promo art with the male MC! Along with another quick update >w<

A few people have reported that the quick menu on the bottom of the textbox would sometimes disappear! We have fixed that problem with this demo update!

However, to prevent other bugs, this update won't carry over the old saves! So if you haven't encountered the bug / don't mind it and want to keep your saves, you could stay with the previous version! Sorry for the inconvenience >w<"

Again, thank you guys so much for all your feedbacks! They have inspired us to so many things that would improve the game's quality even more! The team is already working hard on realizing them (since the Kickstarter campaign is almost ready for launch)! >w<


Royal Alchemist Demo (Windows) 126 MB
Sep 02, 2018
Royal Alchemist Demo (Mac) 124 MB
Sep 02, 2018
Royal Alchemist Demo (Linux) 129 MB
Sep 02, 2018

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