Demo Updated!

This is an "emergency" update xD

We have got some error reports (luckily not game breaking) and have fixed them for you! Also, if you have experienced difficulties in the later part of the game (Week 11) it might have been due to a debug we forgot to delete! If you update to the current build, it should be ok now!

Also, thank you all so much for the feedback we have gotten so far! Some of you even gave us a big portion of your time to write extremely long and detailed feedback! We're really happy about them and they will help us improve the game even further!

You can send us your feedback and / or bug reports here:


Royal Alchemist Demo (Windows) 126 MB
Aug 31, 2018
Royal Alchemist Demo (Mac) 124 MB
Aug 31, 2018
Royal Alchemist Demo (Linux) 129 MB
Aug 31, 2018

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