Kickstarter campaign LIVE!

Our campaign is finally LIVE! 

We’re so excited to make this happen! (〃^▽^〃) 
Check us out for exclusive goodies (such as a free supporter mini-guide), physical rewards and more!

To thank everyone for supporting our Royal series so far, we’re holding a raffle to win beautiful artworks from Royal Order’s art team :D

The raffle is hosted on Gleam. If you’re not familiar with their services, here’s a quick guide on how to join.

We will soon publish our Character Spotlights and share some juicy (and spoiler-free!) character tidbits about the Royal Order’s cast with you on Kickstarter. Stay tuned~


Nifty Visuals team


Royal Order - Demo v0.2 (Linux) 781 MB
Nov 05, 2021
Royal Order - Demo v0.2 (Windows) 765 MB
Nov 05, 2021
Royal Order - Demo v0.2 (Mac) 752 MB
Nov 05, 2021

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I’m anxious to support the game. Especially after seeing the acrylic charms options. 😫😫 I think I’m stupid or something because I couldn’t see any way to support through PayPal.

Hello! You're all good. We didn't enable the Paypal pledges at the beginning.

But now, it's possible for you to claim the rewards directly on our Itchio page and pay with Paypal! :D More information has been uploaded here in our latest blog post. 

Let us know if you encounter any troubles!