Extended Demo published!

Thank you everyone for your patience and support.
At last, our Extended Demo has arrived, so it's time to continue our voyage on open seas!

The new demo features:

  • An additional 15k words, making the whole demo length 61k words in total
  • 4 (and a half) new characters to meet
  • Additional CGs and artworks
  • Unlocked Gallery and Grimoire Character section

Please beware that while your old savefiles will carry over, they may cause you to miss out on the additional content if certain prerequisites were not met.

For the best playing experience, it's best to start a new game!

As usual, you can report any bugs at our Discord channel and we will get them fixed as soon as we can. Thank you!


Royal Order - Extended Demo 0.4 (Linux) 833 MB
Sep 01, 2022
Royal Order - Extended Demo 0.4 (Mac) 832 MB
Sep 01, 2022
Royal Order - Extended Demo 0.4 (Windows) 837 MB
Sep 01, 2022

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Hello! I have a question: does the extended demo include any new scenes for after we board a Sval warship? Or is it just a new content in-between the previous parts of the old demo? If the first one is the case, then the demo ends at the same part as the old one. 


mac version comes up with error:

The application “RoyalOrderExtendedDemo” can’t be opened.

Try right clicking Show package contents>Open folder> open MacOS> click the game's name

This is a trick i use when I played VN on mac

I have, it still showed the error

Deleted 323 days ago

ok thank you!

hey there!! sorry to bother you, but how did you figure this out? i also have a mac and the same error is coming up for me as well ^^'

I downloaded it but I didn't see a 32.bit version, idk if i did something wrong or if it just isn't there