<Character Spotlight> Lucius!

Hello everyone! :D

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Today, it's finally Lucius's turn in our character spotlight. Time to share the little secrets that are hidden between his fluffy ears! 🦊✨

◆ Lucius has made it his personal mission to become taller and claims that his growth spurt just hasn’t happened yet. It’s anyone’s guess as to if it ever will.

◆ He’ll deny it feverously if it’s brought up, but Lucius secretly likes having his head patted.

◆ An inquisitive sort, Lucius likes to explore new places whenever he gets the chance to travel. There’s been weeks at a time where he’s seemingly gone missing, but he always finds a way to return to Aarya’s side.

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Lucius is so cute. I would love to have him and Neri as RO.

I mean who doesn't want to pat his head and cuddle him ? <3