<Character Spotlight> Odette!

Hello everyone :D

We've reached 191% of funding in total, and are only about 2% away from the second stretch goal with more artwork incoming~

Also as a little reminder: The Royal Order art raffle is ending soon! Get those last follows and retweets in for a chance to win an original work of your character and one of ours.

Now for today, Odette, Aarya's self-proclaimed rival, is our character spotlight 🗡️🗡️

◆ The only daughter of a humble guardsman, Odette decided at a young age that she and her father deserved better. She worked thrice as hard as everyone else to be recognized by the High Council and takes a lot of pride in being recruited.

◆ Her seniors believe that her fighting style would be best suited to bludgeoning weapons such as mauls or battle axes, but Odette personally would like to wield something a little more elegant.

◆ Odette doesn’t particularly care to talk to nobles, but tailing her father gave her a knack for speaking with just about anyone. In fact, she’s pretty popular with everyone, not including a certain self-proclaimed rival.

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I feel sorry for her, like she'll be going to be trampled in every interaction with MC. I hope she gets to be something of a supporting character rather than a comic relief one.


haha, it's so funny how she began insulting the  mc out of the blue like that. To be honest i'm not taking her seriously at all that i find her kind of cute, like a child throwing a temper tantrum.