<Character Spotlight> Aarya!

Hello everyone!

We're at 134% funding as of now (on both KS and here), and only 3% away from reaching our first stretch goal! Thank you so much for your support, and also for pledging to our project through Itchio. Let's go get those extra romantic story scenes >w<)9

In the coming weeks, we're featuring some of the characters you'll meet in Royal Order. Our very first character spotlight is on our protagonist, Aarya!

◆ Aarya is a curious sort that seeks to understand everything around them. Don’t anticipate keeping secrets from them for long. 

Although they try to be discreet, they’ll still do their best to find out whatever they want to know, one way or another.

◆ Don’t be fooled by their habit of going out of their way to help others, for Aarya is happiest when they’re doing nothing at all! 

Their ideal day would end by lunch if it meant spending the rest of the entire afternoon relaxing in the sun.

◆ An old soul, Aarya had trouble relating to others their own age even as a child. Instead, their traditional tastes and flawless manners always made them popular with old ladies. 

Jokes often circulated that the tea parties hosted at the Chabenet estate were a cover for their ‘fanclub’ to meet with them.

◆ Though unusual for a noble, Aarya’s favorite hobby is cooking… even if their skills are painfully average at best. 

Their expertise in enchanting does wonders to disguise how flavorless their food is, but they really wish people would stop pointing that out.

◆ Aarya has a soft spot for all living creatures—except for insects. 

One fine morning at House of Chabenet, they ran out of the estate screaming because they awoke to a particularly large beetle perched on their pillow. 

Needless to say, the servants of the estate knew to keep the gardens beetle-free afterwards.


That's it for this update! Thanks for dropping by and we hope you enjoyed learning more about our MC~

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I loved Aarya and the way they treat other characters they so cool i cant wait to buy this one too.

I played ur first game thanks for the hard work u always  do ^^

Glad you like them! Thank you so much for playing <3


Aarya is so cute and charming. I love them as much as I love the LIs! This game's got a really lovely group of characters!


Thank you so much <3 Glad you like them!