Royal Order - Demo 0.1 RELEASED

Time to set sail out on the open sea!

Royal Order's first demo is now officially released.

The demo covers the first 10 weeks of the Visual Novel and is meant to give you a feel for its gameplay, art style and writing. 

Please note that the full release will contain additional scenes for these parts of the story. In addition, some of our assets are still works-in-progress and will be polished in the final release.

We're super excited to hear your feedback :D If you find any bugs, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us through this form.

Demo Features

◆ 52k words, around 5 hours of gameplay
◆ 7 death endings
◆ 1 survival ending (3 paths)
◆ 15 CGs (incl. gender variations)
◆ 29 Chibi Illustrations (incl. gender variations)

Our Kickstarter campaign is set for the 10th of November 2021 at 3PM GMT-4! 

More information will be announced soon.


Royal Order - Demo v0.1 (Linux) 781 MB
Oct 31, 2021
Royal Order - Demo v0.1 (Mac) 748 MB
Oct 31, 2021
Royal Order - Demo v0.1 (Windows) 764 MB
Oct 31, 2021

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Im a bit late to this game, and not sure if the full version is out yet, but I just love the writing, the story line, and art! Its a great game, and I'm totally going to support the progress of the game!! - Alfie

Thank you! The game is not yet completed, but an Extended Demo will be coming up soon, with the full release scheduled for next year :D


I really like this, the traits of our character link to how well the stats will raise. I feel like its very clear and had an easier time. I kinda struggled with royal alchemist

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We're glad you enjoy the slight changes we've made to the system! :D Thanks for playing.

The demo is AMAZING! But I have meet with an issue, I can't seem t exit the Grimore? I don't know if this is because i couldn't find the return button or if it's because of something else, but I have to save before opening the grimore else i can't exit it.

Hello! Thank you so much for playing and glad you like it :D

And you can exit the grimoire by right-clicking! We will add a return button in future updates though since this seems to be a common problem :'D

I'm not sure if it's just a issue on my end, but the demo won't let me start the game.

In between each transition on the home screen this glitchy screen shows up before loading in the screen (e.g, the config screen)

As well as this, the name box is squiggled out? and when I click start it crashes completely.

I've tried loading it using both steam and installing it manually but alas :^[  Am I missing something on my end?

Hello! It appears like your machine's graphic specs are not very compatible with the standard requirements.
In the game folder, next to the executable, you should have a "log.txt" file and maybe even an "error.txt" file. Could you perhaps send us those? (Either here or to royal.alchemist.bugs[at] )

Thank you!