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I just finished the demo and I must say that I am absolutely enthralled with the storyline! I cannot wait for the full game to be released. I must say, though, that the inability to pursue Neri (even as a secret/special route) devastated me emotionally as I had immediately fallen in love! haha Keep up the great work!


Thank you so much! :D

aaaa just bought the pre order of the game and I'm so excited! also, will we be able to buy the lore book after the game comes out? or is it a limited thing?

Hello and thank you for your support!

The lore book will still be available after the game comes out. But everyone who pre-orders it will get access to the supporter-exclusive (Kickstarter-exclusive) version of it!

ohhh got it!

idc how long i have to wait idc if i have to donate on patreon please please please whatever you do finish this game the demo was amazing if i come back in a year and i find another cool demo that never got finished im not gonna be able to handle the despair


Although it will take about one more year, we will definitely release the full game uwu)9


Haha I feel you, luckily these devs are trustworthy but yeah when I first got into VNs when I was like 9 or 10, I played a lot of demos, but then stopped playing them after like a year because I don't ever want to get my hopes up and crushed ever again 😂😂 I haven't played any demos in over a decade, I just don't need that pain. It's the same reason why I don't like watching ongoing TV shows or reading ongoing book series. It's just masochism at a certain point LOL.


absolutely, after a certain point i just stopped doing it bc the pain wasnt worth it... thank god these devs are trustworthy bc if my heart was broken again idk what id do 

I am desperate, dear author or someone else whose kindness is unimpeachable, forsooth I beg. I needeth them stats to get higher. Kindly -Jdoawd


Commenting to let any Mac users getting permission errors opening this game, here was my workaround: Download the app, log in with your account, and install Royal Order through there! Now I have no problem launching it!

Thanks for the advice!

Hello! I just wanted to say I really love this game but I don't know if this is happening with others since I replay it often I usually skip dialogue but the button to skip doesn't work no matter how much I click it.

Hello, does the skip not work at all, or does it skip a bit of text, and then stop again?

If it's the latter, then it's because you've unlocked a different branch of the story. While for some weeks, the general storyline stays the same, there are a lot of little branches depending on your previous choices and also your character's personality. So whenever you unlock a small branch, the skip will come to a halt.

The easiest way to check if your Skip function is working: you can set your Preferences to Skip All Text / Unread Text.
If it skips "properly" afterwards, then it's just as mentioned: before, you've unlocked unread branches of text so the skip also stopped there.

Oh Okay, Thank you!!! 


I'm waiting for the Joyplay update, but it doesn't appear. I can't wait to play the extended version. Is there anything that can be done? 

I also have a question, if I buy a game in Steam, will the Android version be released later and will it be free (I want to buy in Steam and would not like to buy for Android)?

Hello, sadly, there is nothing we can do about Joyplay.

We are still looking into Android ports. But since the game will need some adjustments to work on Android, we will need some time to finish that. We will announce it once we are ready to publish it. Thank you for the patience!

Finally, if you pre-order or buy the game here on Itchio, it will give you access to a Steam key, as well as access to the Android build later on. (The Android build will be released for the same price.)


What a good cliffhanger!! 

I have a feeling my mc can be evil. Wait can we be evil in this game?

And can I just say that Emrys is like *chef kiss* 🤌😩🤌

Can't wait for more

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Thank you so much! And that's something to find out in the future full release~


Is it weird that i find the dying part super fun lmao- idk why but the cute lil chibi scenes always make it worth it lol

Glad you like death endings! We always hope to make the dying part more fun for our players :D

Heya, got a problem, can't start the extended demo, tried it from the files here and on steam and nothing. The game just won't start, it won't even open up

Hello and thanks for the report. Are you using Windows or a different system?

Hello there, a Linux-gamer here.
Gotta report something similar. As far as I understood, the game should run after clicking "". By default, it doesn't as it's missing the executable flag (addable by running "chmod +x" in the folder where the file is located).
After that, you get bonked by "lib/py3-linux-x86_64/RoyalOrderExtendedDemo: Permission denied". Also fixable by running "chmod +x lib/py3-linux-x86_64/RoyalOrderExtendedDemo".
Mind adding that stuff to the download-and-install instructions?
Thank you.
By the way, this game is fricking great and awesome and I totally didn't not get addicted for those couple of hours of visual novel in the extended demo.

Hello! Thank you so much for reporting this, it's extremely helpful and we will add this to the download instructions. And glad you enjoyed the demo! :D



while playing this i got so into it and i completely forgot this was a demo 

Glad you enjoyed! :D

Liked the new scenes in this new demo, adds more flavor to the story. Excited to see the whole game next year!

Question:  When I downloaded the demo I also paid for the Kickstarter Wallpaper Set, but accidentally bought it twice. Is there any chance I can get a refund for the extra payment? I sent an email just in case too.

Glad you enjoyed the new demo!

Regarding your question, we will get back to you via mail. Thanks!

hello, i was wondering, will the full game be free?? thx and omg ,dkhbgf

having a huge Iris brainrot

and is it just me or does Emrys look like Hua Cheng

Hello, the full version will be a premium title for 28USD. And glad you like her!


While waiting for an update from Joy play, I have a question. 

Will there be an artbook for Royal Order? 

And if there is, what will be included there? I wanted to see in the artbook: the original character designs, scenes that were not included, to see scenes from the person of Emrys, Daryl and Iris (and from Neri), and so on. 

I'm really looking forward to the full version. I usually go through demos on my phone, I have a good translator there. And I pass the full version by shooting on the phone with the help of a translator. I hope to find a good program for translating short stories for a laptop, so as not to suffer so much.

Hello. There will be a artbook that also includes the game's lore.

The book will contain, aside of all art assets of the game, more detail on the world building, early designs, art WIPs/progresses as well as developer commentary and behind the scenes discussion.
Although only the supporter exclusive version for the ones who backed us on our Kickstarter campaign or pre-ordered the book here will get access to any deleted scenes / extra scenes that didn't make it into the game.

We hope that answers your question, thank you for your support.



Just wanted to say that I  loved this.

Would like to buy the pre order, but I'm new to this site and was wondering if I will get this on steam once the game come out or well ask how it works?

Sorry, new to this. Cheers! Keep doing what you are doing ^^

Hello, no worries at all and thank you for your support!

Itchio does offer a Steam key redemption if you prefer to play the game on Steam. We will post a guide on how that works on release!

However, if you prefer, we will also have a Steam-exclusive pre-order page upcoming soon!

Amazing! Looking forward to it!

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I have a question: I like to watch CG from visual novels, but now I can't extract them, although I used to extract them. Are there any programs that can extract CG?

Or is it possible to extract all CG in a separate folder in the full version at once?

Hello. The full game won't have a feature to support that, and we are not familiar with the progress of extracting either. So we can't help you in this matter, sorry.


I don't have an extended Windows demo open on my phone, although the last version opened. 

I can't figure out what the reason is. 

Help please.


Hello, if you've been playing the game using Joiplay, we've received the report that the current version is no longer compatible with Joiplay's latest update.

The only solution for that is to wait for Joiplay to release a new update that's compatible with newer Renpy games. Otherwise, you can also try to play the demo through the Steam Link app if you have a Steam account. The last option would be to play this on your PC.

We do have an Android port on our development list, but that's still some time away. Many apologies for the inconveniences.


I'm glad that the demo came out! 

I waited and waited all day yesterday! 

I passed the demo through the phone app. I used to have it run on my phone, but now it doesn't want to run.

 I went through the last demo and it went through the phone normally, but now it throws me out of the application. 

Is it possible to do as it was before?

Is there any way to fix this? I can't wait to go through the demo!


sadly can't open the extended demo on Mac :/

I can't either :(

We'll look into this and post an update when it is fixed. Thank you for the report!


Can we have a male protagonist with shorter hair and doesn't look so similar to the female one?


Atleast in Royal Alchemist they were pretty distinct. This one looks like they're carbon copies with slightly different facial features.

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I'm glad that the demo came out! 

I waited and waited all day yesterday! 

I passed the demo through the phone app. I used to have it run on my phone, but now it doesn't want to run.

 I went through the last demo and it went through the phone normally, but now it throws me out of the application. 

Is it possible to do as it was before?

Is there any way to fix this?  I can't wait to go through the demo!

wait whats new? it still ends at the same part

Hello, the game still ends at the same part. 

The additional content has been added to the weeks prior to week 10! These include new scenes with the 4(.5) new characters and additional artworks. The current demo contains everything that's meant to be within that timeframe unlike before.

extended demo :O


thank you for making SUCH a good game w/ good plotlines.. and the fact that this is only the demo omg

also i'm sorry if this has been asked a lot but is the final game going to be free or will we have to buy it? :0 

Thank you so much! 

And no worries. The full release will be a premium title.

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Played through the demo during the weekend and I have to say... I want more. I'm so sad it's still so far off, but I'm also aware that creating good things takes time :) 

What surprised me the most is how much the art improved - not that it was bad in RA! - and I'm all for it. Though that is a bit unfair, because it seems like you're improving every aspect of the game (no more RNG, BLESS YOU). The art just stood out to me the most :)

In any case, I'm looking forward to the full release ♥ 

PS: You're fucking evil for that cliffhanger in the demo, you're already turning this into a love-hate relationship lol

Thank you so much! :D

While we've all gave our all on the prequel, we noted down everything we wanted to improve and considered the feedbacks we received too. We're glad that the adjustments in this title feels better to you uwu)9

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It seems that there wasn't any new developpment information on this game in 2022. Is it still on development? I've just finished royal alchemist and I must say tha tI can't wait to play this one! good job all of you!!

I was planning on trying the demo tomorrow but now I fear that there won't be a full game seeing the last dev log date... ==> I'm sorry I've just read end 2023 in the comment below! so nice. i'll try the demo than

Thank you! And yes, the development is still ongoing, with the Extended Demo scheduled for the end of this month, and the full game at the end of 2023.


Oh yes.  Nothing says LGBQ quite like a "Medieval" fantasy.


Oi smartass, what, do you think magic exists as well? is that why you're nitpicking at the fact that it's a "Medieval" fantasy while there's a whole concept of magic going on?


Why are you talking about magic?


Why are you talking about "Medieval" in fantasy?


Oh, okay.  You're just trying to pick a fight for some reason.

Well, carry on.


Wow I hope we really do see the full game, the art was great so are the lines, they convey very well and keep the players interested and immersed on the story. Even the Weekly Planner was quite a shock for me since I've never encountered one, nonetheless it was such a great feature. The characters aren't dull, they had a personality to unfold. I hope to see the full version of the game, until then I'll keep supporting as much as I can! 


Thank you very much for your support! We'll be giving our all to bring out the full game soon uwu)9


Hello !! Actually ı played the game long ago but ı wasnt sure how could ı describe my thoughts and feelings.. so here ı am going to try for it today :D ! Firstly ı truly felt happy to hear about the demo.. I already saw teh Royal alchemist (couldnt buy it unfortunalety.. ım broke  student ;w;) videos and even though rising up stats carefully and tryign to not die in story looked difficult .. the storyline, the characters were awesome!! so the moment ı saw this demo ı was so sure that ıt will be amazing and ıt was. After playing the demo ı was soo excited and also suprised. again the storyline and characters were amazing!! but also the art, the music and animations were amazing too!  ı cant even wait for the full game! for so far Darryl is my favorite character.. He is just so sweeeet !! so ıf ı should give a point to game ı will say 10/10 ! Thank you for making this wonderfull game :) 


Thank you so much for your kind words! We're super happy you enjoyed the demo <3


hey, my name is Rena I tried the game it was a fun demo! can't wait to play it when it done ,here playthrough of the game

Thank you so much for playing and the cute stream! :D


I just started playing the demo. I am wondering if you are planning on sticking with the three romance options or planning on adding more later once the full game is released. I am curious because I wish I could persue Neri. Either way I am excited. Keep up the great work!


Thank you for your kind words! For, we will stick to the present romance options, any additional ones would be out of scope. However, since there has been a lot of requests, we will consider what we can do after the whole base game game has been completed.

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Yay! I finished binging through my first play of the demo last night. I kinda suspected that MC would have an identity reveal along those lines but I'm very excited to see where the story goes from that cliff-hanger/twist. 

Time to play the waiting game i guess n.n. 

Luckily I have this little disorder called ADHD, which = no perception of time. I will find other things to fixate on until one day the full game will magically appear in my "creators you follow," section. Dysfunctional brains do have some small benefits XD


whoot whoot! Now that I've gone and played Royal Alchemist (I hadn't previously) it was cool to realize that it had some prequel story-line elements. It was cool to see a different coloring design for Neri, and i loved little Beringer so much '(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞.

Thank you so much for playing through our indirect prequel too! >w< Glad you enjoyed it :D


I am in shock and amazed at this Demo thank you so much for this amazing piece and I will be buying the full game when it comes out. Oh my gosh I was not expecting that twist omg.


Omg I loved this demo so much, crying with happy tears ;-; The cliffhanger is just shocking and amazing. So many question around Mr Mysterious Emrys that I look forward to see answered through future game play. :D

Can't wait to see where this game goes !!


I am begging you please make Nerifiel a romance option I have liked him since the first game and he just keeps getting better. I also can't wait for the full game to come out omg this is so exciting.


DUDEEE I CANT THE CLIFFHANGER OH MY GOD I REALLY DID *NOT* EXPECT THAT PLOT TWIST HOLY SHIT TT Amazing graphics (love the art style MWAH), bg music, the plot, the dialogues -- EVERYTHING. I absolute cannot wait for the full game to be released! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! <33


Thank you so much! :D Glad you enjoyed <3


no probs!!


HOW can you end it here :'( can't wait for the full game to be honest. stunning art, interesting story, huge plot twist and cliffhanger at the end of the demo; i can only imagine how awesome the full version of the game will be.


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the demo :D





that was amazing lsjdhfklajsdhf cant wait for the real deal full version!!


i played this for the romance but now the plot has me hooked omg

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