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I'm so glad I finally decided to try the demo. The lis are very interesting (it's been a while since I liked a male li lol) and the ending... that was you call a cliffhanger! 

Glad you liked! :D


God I love this so much! All of the characters are amazing, and I really want to learn more about this world.


Thank you so much >w<


I am so excited!!! This looks so promising :)

Thank you! :D

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I expected a great game going in since I did play royal alchemist but damn 

Glad you enjoyed! <3


A very nice demo. The cliff-hanger widened my eyes and I cannot help but be hopeful for the finished game if it ever comes. Many are speaking of a previous game. I will seek it out.

Thank you! We've scheduled an extended demo for next year, and the full release for 2023😊

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THAT CLIFF-HANGER?????? I AM SCREAMING??? This game is way too good, I'm gonna throw my money at yall w/ my next paycheck--

(I didn't expect any less, I did buy Royal Alchemist, BUT STILL; In love with the game already)

-prepares to gently catch your $$$- //shoved out of window

Thank you for your support! We're happy you enjoyed the demo >w<


Wow!!!  Looks as good as the previous game!

The demo was great, so much content.  And that ending :ooooCan't wait til it's out.

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the demo :D


i would love to romance neri...




Underrated. Time to share with friends. A M A Z I N G

Thank you for sharing!!! <3 Glad you like the demo.

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i just finished playing the demo. Ahh it's so interesting already. I loved your previous game the Royal Alchemist. I can't wait to play the full game!

Thank you so much! :D


Uwah!! I love it! Bought your last game Royal Alchemist and loved it and had high expectations for this and this definitely doesn't disappoint! (人*´∀`)+゚:。*゚+ Looking forward to the full version, loved the art, it's so pretty and at times cute! Storyline is super interesting so far too!! The ending of the demo tho, ahh!! So excited for the full version! <3 I'm totally in love with it already!

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Thank you so much for playing! We're glad you like this sequel so far too <3 <3


I saw the cover art and I was like damn he's pretty-

so here I am now downloading it

Beauty bait, success! Hope you enjoy uwub


Wow, I didn't expect the demo to be this long! A treat, really. I enjoyed the side quests and chibi illustrations a lot. I wish I could write as well! ;_; Looking forward to the full version!

Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed it ; v ; <3


Man, the demo was amazing! I've been wanting to return to the world of royal alchemist since I finished it! I was just curious, when is the expected release window?

Thank you so much!

We're planning to release an Extended Demo next year, and the full release is scheduled for the end of 2023 :D


I just got finished with the demo, and HOLY, THAT ENDING CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD! The art is so nice and I just, I can't. It's so pretty, the little animations too and such nice details that I hardly see in games. All the characters are so interesting too!

The layout looks great too, I'm looking forward to the finished game!

Thank you so much for playing! We're glad you enjoyed the demo >w<)9


Just finished the demo, and oH MY GOODNESS, THE ENDING!!! The writing is so good (#goals, tbh) and the art is gorgeous! I also really like the character and scene animations/view bobbing (I don't know if that's what it's actually called, but minecraft has a similar thing and that's what it's called there so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of this demo, and I just saw "art upgrade" at the top of Emrys' character spotlight??? how do you upgrade from this quality?!? you gonna bring the characters to life?!?!?

Thank you so much for your hardwork! I look forward to the finished product, and hopefully I'll be able to support development, too ^_^

Thank you for your kind words!!! We're happy you enjoyed the demo so much and will definitely give our all for the finished product too >w<)9


The demo was beautiful, and I was not ready for the ending! I was already hyped for the game, and now I'm excitedd! (Your Royal Alchemist game is my top favs, and I'm so going to add this to my favs too! I just love the gameplay, and I died soo many times. But I loved that aspect! Thank you for two wonderful games!)

Thank you so much for playing! We're happy you enjoy our death simulators with romance games uwu <3


the ending of the demo had me YELLING inside ok now I'm too hyped for it (I mean I was already looking forward to it since I played Royal Alchemist too but) dfghjk

Thank you so much <3 <3 Glad you enjoyed the ending!

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Um I came across a error at a part where the second time on the ship gets attacked and you pick to look for Iris and there is a part you need Water magic but at some part it gives me "An exception has occurred" white screen it's in week 10

Hello! Is this in Demo v0.1 or v0.2? This should be fixed in v0.2 already.

But if you're on v0.1, you can just click on "Ignore" on the bottom and continue to play :D

Yeah it's v0.2 I redownloaded it again but it gave me the same error but I hope if I click ignore I won't miss out on anything like a CG or something

We will check back on it, thanks for the report! But no worries, you shouldn't miss out on the CG :D


The art is so beautiful. The LIs are so pretty and interesting, I'm really looking forard to romance them all! 

I especially love how well this game's story is interwined Royal Alchemist! It's so nice to see the previous game's characters appear or be mentioned in this one.

Overall, this demo is gorgeous and fun. I look forward to its full release!!

Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed the demo >w<\


Royal Alchemist was amazing from start to finish so naturally I am looking forward to this game as well from you guys. The demo does a great job to pull you in, I already have lots of questions like why does Lucius look like he is Emrys' brother and why is he in our amulet thing?? At least it doesn't seem like we are keeping him prisoner lol. Also the big reveal at the end of the demo blew me away and got me thinking about what is our true purpose and whether we are good or evil. Somewhere in between? I especially liked this because it's different from its predecessor.

Concerning the RO's there is a lil something for everyone which is also amazing. Darryl is a sweetheart, but I was personally taken with Emrys from the moment everyone warns you to stay away, reverse psychology lol. And he knows us from somewhere as well which again, the mysteries.

Even  the soundtrack was slapping like when you're on the ship and fighting. 2023 can't come any faster.

Thank you so much for playing and the kind words! We're happy you enjoyed the demo. 

All the questions shall be answered later uwu\ *pulls up sleeves and gets to work*


Welp, the Demo was really good. Terrible cliff hanger though.
I look forward to the full release. c:

Thank you so much! >w<


this story so good I love reading this

Thank you! Glad you enjoy :D

If I backed the Kickstarter is there a difference from backing it here? 

I just noticed that there's a digital key that's the difference?

No, there is no difference at all >w<b We just opened the rewards here as well for those who can't back on Kickstarter because they have no  credit cards :D


ohhh super! Thanks for answering!

Is the digital key from the kickstarter for steam only?

You will be able to choose if you'd like to redeem the game through Steam or Itch :D


Waiting for the post for PayPal backers anytime now. (:

The reward packs are now available here on itchio for Paypal backers! (More information here!)

Thank you so much for your patience and support <3


I loved Royal Alchemist, I can't wait to see Royal Order, the main character and the LI look gorgeous and the premise are very interesting (and this time I will get the guide to nailed everything without needing to do a excel document XD)

Thank you so much!!! <3

This time you shall get the guide prettily laid out for you :'D

Just giving a heads-up that I ran into an error when going to Iris during the boat confrontation. I copied the error message here. Doesn't break the game - I was able to ignore it - but just wanted to let you know. Also, spoilers:


Is going to Darryl a guaranteed death? From the sound effects played, it sounded like there was supposed to be a magic check. However, I didn't see any pop-up display anything.

Besides those hiccups, really amazing story - I'm looking forward to the final product!

Error Log:


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While processing text tag {/b} in u'{/b}Iris!{/b}'.:

Exception: u'/b' closes a text tag that isn't open.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "e_010.rpyc", line 2559, in script

  File "renpy/", line 715, in execute

    renpy.exports.say(who, what, *args, **kwargs)

  File "renpy/", line 1417, in say

    who(what, *args, **kwargs)

  File "renpy/", line 1219, in __call__

    self.do_display(who, what, cb_args=self.cb_args, dtt=dtt, **display_args)

  File "renpy/", line 871, in do_display


  File "renpy/", line 621, in display_say

    rv = renpy.ui.interact(mouse='say', type=type, roll_forward=roll_forward)

  File "renpy/", line 298, in interact

    rv =, **kwargs)

  File "renpy/display/", line 3276, in interact

    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, pause=pause, pause_start=pause_start, **kwargs)

  File "renpy/display/", line 3792, in interact_core

    self.draw_screen(root_widget, fullscreen_video, (not fullscreen_video) or video_frame_drawn)

  File "renpy/display/", line 2521, in draw_screen


  File "render.pyx", line 492, in renpy.display.render.render_screen

  File "render.pyx", line 263, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "renpy/display/", line 786, in render

    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)

  File "render.pyx", line 170, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "render.pyx", line 263, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "renpy/display/", line 786, in render

    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)

  File "render.pyx", line 170, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "render.pyx", line 263, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "renpy/display/", line 786, in render

    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)

  File "render.pyx", line 170, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "render.pyx", line 263, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "renpy/display/", line 681, in render

    child = renpy.display.render.render(self.child, w, h, st, at)

  File "render.pyx", line 170, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "render.pyx", line 263, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "renpy/display/", line 786, in render

    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)

  File "render.pyx", line 170, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "render.pyx", line 263, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "renpy/display/", line 1193, in render

    st, at)

  File "render.pyx", line 170, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "render.pyx", line 263, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "renpy/display/", line 786, in render

    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)

  File "render.pyx", line 170, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "render.pyx", line 263, in renpy.display.render.render

  File "renpy/text/", line 2050, in render

    virtual_layout = Layout(self, width, height, renders, drawable_res=False, size_only=True)

  File "renpy/text/", line 608, in __init__

    self.paragraphs = self.segment(text.tokens, style, renders, text)

  File "renpy/text/", line 1010, in segment

    raise Exception("%r closes a text tag that isn't open." % text)

Exception: u'/b' closes a text tag that isn't open.



Royal Order Demo 0.2

Mon Nov  8 22:52:18 2021


Thank you so much for playing! The first error has been fixed in our latest demo build :D

Regarding the question, Darryl's route requires 20 Light & 10 Fire in Adventure Mode, so it's not supposed to be a guaranteed death.  We will check why the notification didn't pop up properly though!

Thank you!

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Played the demo on Steam - I am so incredibly excited for this game to come out! Oh my god, the ending!!! I only regret playing it now, if only because I have to wait until 2023 for the full version - this game will actually live in my head rent free until then. 

I died an inexorable amount of times, before reaching the end of the demo. I love how cute the death endings are LOL, for the first time I don't feel anxious about not being able to follow a guide. Thank you! I look forwards for when the game comes out fully <3

Thank you so much!!! We're so happy you enjoyed the demo <3 And the deaths too! :D

Working hard on pushing this! -pulls up sleeves-


Can't wait to play~

Thank you!

This is sort of embarrassing to ask but how do you exit from your grimoire? It showed all my stats and I don't know how to exit it to get into the main story line- please help ;w;

You can right-click to exit the grimoire :D In the latest demo update (v0.2), we've also added a return button!

Thank you so much! I'm loving the game by the way and I can't wait to see it released! 

Erm what do I do when there's something called "An exception has occurred?"

Thank you! And whenever an error happens, you can click on the "Ignore" at the bottom if available and the game should be able to continue normally! 


OMG YES! THIS. IS. AMAZING!! The writing, the art, even every small affect just so good! Can't wait!!!

Thank you so much! :D

I see that everyone care for Emrys... so Darryl is mine muahahahaha.

I also like Neri, but I pretty satisfies with friendzone him here. He should date someone on the same side for his old self sake... Maybe become LI in the sequel, if this Royal series still continue? (haha)

The big puppy is yours :'D for now


Just completed the demo. It was AMAZING! I can't wait for the full release. Is there an estimated release date? 

The art, music and story are all perfect and it all ran smoothly for me. Like RA, I am definitely going to need the guidebook for this.

You can expect my money on the Kickstarter (as much as I can afford anyways).

Thank you so much! Super happy you enjoyed the demo and thank you so much for your support <3

The final release date is set for the end of 2023, but as with RA, we will release an extended demo next year with bonus scenes and new characters! :D


Would it be possible to add Nerifiel to being a romanceable character? He is gorgeous XD


:'D W-we will consider... He is in the friendzone for now xD


Pls, I'm already simping for Neri so much TT

I really want to play the demo but am unable to because when I try to open the file it says the application can't be opened T_T

Hello! Are your using a Mac machine perchance? 

If that's the case, we're really sorry to say that the current demo won't run on Mac Catalina (OS 10.15+) and sometimes not on Mojave (10.14).

We will try to upgrade the demo as soon as we can >_<" However, that would require a Mac machine, which we don't have on hand at the moment. We will definitely post an update once that's taken care of though!

(1 edit)

Oh yeah, I am trying on a Mac. If you could update it, that would be amazing! I will be waiting. :)

With the new update, I am now able to play it and I am loving it so far!!!

(1 edit)

Hey, if it's about user permission you need to use the terminal, copy-paste the code:  sudo chmod -R 755  and proceed to drag the game file on the terminal window. You'll be able to open the file then! :)

Thank you! This was not a permissions issue but I appreciate the help all the same :)

No android version?

No, I don’t believe so. It also came out 2days ago

Okeeyyy eheheh...thanks for answer

You’re welcome

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I just finished the demo! It was truly amazing!






I can’t wait to see what happens next! To be honest I kinda expected the MC to be the Sval leader. I hope that the game will be free for a least a bit, but I understand if not. I want to play the full of this game and see what happens later on and how the whole love thing will come into play! I’m working on two games at the moment and I hope one of y’all will tell me how I can improve! I’m open to critical feedback. Best of luck to y’all!

PS I was thinking of maybe adding Lucius to the options of romancable characters? I love Lucius’s character and the MC and Luci already seem close. Just an idea :)

Thank you so much!

Our team is a bit overloaded at the moment preparing for the KS campaign, but someone will take a look at a later date ;)

That’s fine! Take your time I’ll be waiting :)


The demo was great! I'm really looking forward to the game now and will definitely joining the upcoming KS X3

I hope there's also going to be another guide I can get to spare me from multiple deaths that I'm going to have lol


Thank you! We're super happy you enjoyed the demo! :D

A guide will definitely come with this one too uwub

I’m currently still trying to finish the demo, but so far I love it! I’m going to post what I think of the demo when I finish. I’m currently doing so many things in just my normal life + trying to finish a patch of my game. I adore Darryl and after I’m done winning his heart in the demo I’m going after Emrys. I actually been working on some fanart on the characters! Tbh I’m more invested in this game than Royal Alchemist ( //^ ^//)

(3 edits)

PS I keep wondering where the location of the characters of RA are 🤔 like I keep seeing the last name of the MC in RA pop up and it’s just a thought that is bothering me. Will any of those characters appear? Also who’s the Beringr kid? (Can’t spell names so sorry if I spell his name wrong ☠)

Please note I’ve only played the demo of RA

Thank you so much for playing! We're glad you love the demo so far :D If you've got fanworks, please show us whenever!

The name "Rosenkreuz" drops quite a few times since RA's MC is also one of the High Council's members and their father is the Senior Alchemist of the organisation.

You can fully play this game without knowing who Nerifiel and Beringer are. But as a quick explanation, Neri is RA MC's childhood friend and Beringer is a side character in RA that got rescued and taken in my RA's MC.

Ah, that explains a bunch! Thanks for clearing that up bc I can’t pay to play the full game of RA bc of money.


WAIT WHAT?? I really didn't expect this!


What do you mean the protagonist is the leader of Sval? I have so many questions... How did she change her appearance? Why was she with the "De Chabenet"? (And she also looked sad about her parents' death...). What is she looking for?? Who is Lucius and why does he look like Emrys? Is it mere coincidence??

Waiting will be more painful than I expected, but I'll make it! XD

The game is wonderful! I really liked the new elements, like Lucius' power of divination. So helpful. <3 I'm already in love with Emrys and Darryl. Iris is also extremely cute.

I'll look forward to the full game! o/


I have a bit of feelings how you called the MC a “She,, even though they can be customized to be NB and male as well as female. This is my personal opinion as a non-cis person. Truly this isn’t a reprimand on you just I believe the correct pronouns would be “They/Them/Theirs,,. I hope we can venture through this adventure together though!

(1 edit) (+4)

Hey Hey!As another non cis person, the MC's pronouns are customizable so there isn't truly a "correct pronoun"
,She/Her, He/Him also works as well! It's "their" mc so they wouldn't really need to use "your"  MC pronouns ! ((I'm assuming that your MC uses the They/Them pronoun but I may be wrong ^^))

((Ex.My MC pronouns are he/him,I wouldn't go to someone and just tell them that the "correct" pronouns would be he/him ))


(1 edit) (-2)

I understand but I was just saying what I believe personally. I said that this is my own personal opinion and I like expressing my believes and how I view the world. Maybe my word choice was poor but thank you for the feedback :) I use They/He pronouns but I tend to lean more to the “He,, side in VNs and games. (Not a demiboy btw, I’m just “masculine,,)

Questions, questions, so many questions~ :'D

All of them shall be answered in the full game, of course uwub

Thank you so much for playing, and we're glad you enjoy the demo so far!! :D

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