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Hello ! I have downloaded the game but I can't play it, I keep getting a 0xc00005 error and it's really annoying...

Hi! If this error is displaying for you, you can first try to start the game in administrator mode.

If that still doesn't work, it could be that your  Windows' DirectX isn't up to date. If that is the case, you can try updating it following this guide for example.

We hope this solves the problem for you. We will also try to lower the requirements in our next update. Apologies for the inconveniences.


I find the game entertaining, and I really like the style. It's really cute !  It was a short but funny experience, so I liked it a lot. 

However,  I think there is a little issue regarding the pronouns, because I set mine to he/him and the characters use she/her. Also,  some lines of code appear in the screen sometimes while playing. I still enjoyed it though! <3

Thank you so much! :D We're happy you enjoyed it.

The thing with the pronoun at a few places have been brought to our attention. We'll fix it for our next update!

This game was so cute! I was surprised that it was short, even though it did say an hour long playthrough. It's just that after all the days I did, the  time with the character was short, but adorable. I was also surprised when I realized Lawrence wasn't in the free version because he seems so sweet, but I love all the characters so I don't even know.

I saw some things already mentioned so I'm just going to ask, are the potions purple or pink? Because when you buy potions, the purple is listed as pink. Didn't bother me, just letting you know!

Hi! Thank you for playing and we're glad you enjoyed the game :D

Regarding the Pink/Purple Potion, it can be either we suppose XD Behind the scenes, we weren't fully unified in our opinion about the color either (different color perceptions, different monitor colors too xD)

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I've enjoyed the game a lot. It was sweet and funny, a tad too short for my taste but still quite enjoyable and with a certain amount of depth. Zero's my favorite love interest, he's pretty strict and a big meanie but also extremely caring. I may or may not have teared up a little bit in the latter part of his 'route' too...

While I'm at it I'll report to you a  couple of possible errors that I found when I was playing Damion's 'route':

1) I'm guessing Fay meant to say: "But I could not even imagine my life without you in it." If not, I think this is very rude of you, young lady. To say such a thing to little sweet Damion!

2) I think Damion is supposed to be talking here and the sprite isn't illuminated, plus the Damion name tag is missing.

This is pretty much it! Thanks for reading my comment.

Hello! Thank you so much for playing and we're glad you enjoyed the game :D

Thank you very much for the bug reports too! You were absolutely right about them. We'll fix them up for the next update.

Always happy to help! Thank you for creating this really sweet game <3

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Quick notes after a few playthroughs. Some code visually shows on screen while going through the game. Seemingly cannot start a new game must load from first save or atleast I am having that problem. Other than that this is so cute and I hope I get to see the collection where all those cutscenes and little cards are. The code seems to be snippets like <k></k> or <h></h> it was what I seen in text boxes 

Honestly I can't wait to see what you make next short or long it seems all your visual novels have appeal that brings me in 

Hello! Thank you so much for the report. We'll take a look at it :D

And we're very glad you enjoyed the game! We will update the game with a gallery soon so everyone can take a look at all cards and images that have been unlocked.

Just finished (I think) the free version, it was cute and fun! But I'm a little confused about the endings now -- is it 4 for each of the interests + 1 normal ending + 1...bad end (failing)? Or is there a secret True/Golden ending also?


Hello! Thank you for playing.

Yes that's right, there's 1 ending for each LI (4 in total), 1 generic ending and 1 failure ending. Although the failure ending is the shortest.


my computer is too old to run this game fuck


I'm sorry but this was p funny to read-

I'm sorry your computer is too old for it, though,,,


broke as shit man

I tried to download it on Windows and it told me that apparently I'm missing the D3DCompiler and can't be opened? How do I get whatever that is so I can play this?

Hello! If you're getting a .dll missing error, your computer's DirectX is most likely too old and needs to be updated. Different fixes to that error can be found here:

Does the number matter? I downloaded it, but I'm still getting the same message. It said 43 not 47, so maybe that's it?

Yes! The number matters. If what you're missing is number 43, you can just quickly google for it and the process should be the same.

I managed to download the 43, but for some reason when I try to open it, it says that it is unable to start correctly.

That is extremely weird. Do you get any specific error messages or simply that it isn't able to start correctly?

If you do, could you perhaps send a screenshot of it to customer.niftyvisuals[at] We apologize for the inconveniences.

What's the difference between the free version and the full version?

The free version contains 3 love interests: Zero, Damion, Carmilla. It has 23 spells, 4 CGs and 10 mini chibi illustrations.

The full version comes with 1 additional love interest: Lawrence. It also has an additional of 5 spells, 4 CGs and 40+ mini chibi illustrations.

Hi! I just started playing the game and I found a small issue. I'm not sure if you're aware of it yet, so I apologise if you already are. I also haven't played through the entire game yet, so I don't know if it happens again elsewhere. Basically, my pronouns are set to he/him, but in these two lines Carmilla refers to my character as 'her.' I attached screenshots below. I thought that I might've chosen the wrong pronouns at the beginning, so I restarted, and it happened again. She also used the correct pronouns a few lines earlier.


I finished a playthrough of the game and didn't come across any other instance of this happening, so I think these are the only lines   : ) 


Hello! Thank you so much for the report :D Yes, indeed there were a few small instances where the gender pronoun was overlooked. We're going to fix this issue for the next update!


Awesome! Loved the game by the way! I'll admit, I hadn't been following the development that closely after the game was first announced, so I was very surprised by everything when I saw it for the first time. Absolutely loved all the voice acting, characters, writing, art... everything! It was just an overall enjoyable and cute game.


Thank you so much for letting us know! :D Happy you enjoyed.


I really enjoyed Royal Alchemist and looked forward to playing this game when it was released.However , when I turn the game on all I get is a black screen.I am playing the game on windows 10.Please help me solve the problem

Hello! Thank you for downloading.

Would it be possible to wait for a few minutes after starting up? We've gotten a bug report that the game sometimes take a couple of minutes to load on a few computers. 

We're not sure why that's happening yet and are working on a fix. But if the game is not crashing, waiting a bit might solve the problem for now. Thank you!

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This was really fun to play, couldn’t get the full version, though I wanted to, but I still really enjoyed it. Just Wish I could romance Lawrence.

Thank you very much :D Glad you enjoyed!

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Cute! My main gripe is that there's no way to view the CGS without re-playing the route. If there was some way to see the wonderful art that we unlocked (and maybe and extra one for completing the route? ;) Just kidding! Mostly- (I want to be clear I don't mean a risque one just maybe the romanced being just. Adorable in general. Okay that's enough stacking, Pancake--)) it would be great. 

It would probably be a good idea for there to be a moment where the text box doesn't appear when the CG does, at least. That way we can see all of it.

I would also like to warn you that Howl and Feral are flip-flopped. When you hit howl you learn Feral and vice-versa. I do not believe that was intentional, ~vO but it wasn't like, game-ruining or anything. 

Hello! Thanks for playing and your feedback.

Yes, we will push an update with a gallery later on. If you've already unlocked an image, you'll be able to see it in that update!

Additionally, you can actually hide the textbox during the game by pressing H! 


Thank you for your fast replies! I didn't know that, thank you- despite my love for them I don't play VNs myself often, so I'm not sure if H is a common key for that or not, but thank you for letting me know! 

interesting style.

Thank you!


Such a cute game! I really liked it 💛💜 its so sweet and theres a good deal of customization for you character compared to other VN. I definitely recommend! If you wanted a little glimpse into the game while it downloads I made a video here 🥰 It doesn't cost you anything to try the game out so make sure you do! 👌

Thank you so much for playing and the gameplay video! :D Something to add to our watchlist~

I've done ever route execpt lawrence and i cant seem to figure his out(is it pay to do thing ;w;)


yes, Lawrence is in the full/pay version

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Unfortunelly it doesen't work on my notebook, i think my windows 7 version is too old, i'm so sad, i wanted to play but i will need a new SO if i want to, someday i will play this, when i have a better notebook. i hope so haha.

Yeah I'm having the same issue. I bought the full version and then got the message that my Mac doesn't have the software to run the game

Hello, could you please let us know what OS version your Macbook has? The latest Mac update (10.15 Catalina) seems to no longer support many apps. Thank you, and we apologize for the inconveniences!

My Macbook is at High Sierra macOS 10.13.6. Thank you for responding so quickly!

Hello! Thank you very much for your response. In general, it should run on your Mac device.

Could you perhaps send a screenshot or a copy of the error message to customer.niftyvisuals(at) Thanks, and again sorry for the troubles!

Just sent you an email!

Hello! We apologize for the inconveniences. Yes, on Windows, you'd need at least Windows 8.  Some older machines maaaay run this but no guarantees sadly D: 

Okay, thank you for answering, but is looks like a really good game, congrats to the whole team, hope I get to play it one of these days kkk (English is not my first language, I apologise for any mistakes).

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hope like my gameplay of it ! and happy Halloween sorry if  I said late thanks for letting play this game !

The witch avatar is so precious! Thank you so much for playing <3 (We now need a new playlist for this :D )

I just finished all routes, the game does take a while for it to load up, it keeps saying not responding but it was fun to play when it started working. thing I wish to know is, how do I start a new game, I used a save I did to complete all routes, it was a save about 3 or 2 days I think before Halloween on game. I would of failed the game if I didn't do that save and probably would of been stuck on where I was in the exam. I did finish the game first with zero after I made the save for the first time on the game. still I do love the game and the characters are cute, even the outfits.  Still wish to know about a new game as would like to try and make it a challenge with not aloud to use a load. sorry if I complained to much or if I did complain at all.

Hello! Thank you very much for playing.

We're not quite sure if we got the question right. But you can start a complete new game from the Title Screen when choosing "Start"!

Please let us know if it's a different problem. Thank you!

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ah right, I did try that, just problem is, after I made new character, I didn't see my character appear at all, even couldn't see zero with my character, the words didn't appear, it was just a black screen with skip, auto, log, Menu I clicked on skip and it just brought up the credits. I will try again and this time try and see if anything appears, if I let it be and not click on auto or skip. Sorry if none of that made any sense.

No problem. Thanks for the report!

We hope it runs smoothly at the next start.

I tried it again when the game finally loaded up, it worked perfectly with a new game, then tried again with the game still up, after finishing it without using a load. it gave me the black screen again when the game has finished going past the credits. so I take it we will have to keep leaving the game and reloading the game, just to start a new game with no problems. I guess I am fine with that, just a little bit of a shock to me that I would have to close the whole game and start it back up, just to be able to start a new game without it going back to credits. First time for everything. Can't wait to see what you come up with next

Hello! We are glad it's working at last.

We tested it after your report and actually found that odd bug too. We'll try our best to fix it asap. Thank you very much for the report and for playing :D


Thanks once again for all you guys' work, it turned out fantastic!

Thank you for playing! :D

For some reason the game won't play on my laptop through the app. Do I have to try and download it onto my computer?

Hi! It should actually work fine on your laptop too unless the specs are a bit too old or too low. You are using Windows, we assume?

If you could try it on your computer, it would be great. Thank you!


is okay i do gameplay of this i just wanted ask if that okay ? =3

Of course! Thank you so much for your interest <3

no problem


Wow, so excited! Adorable characters, adorable art style, and even an adorable logo

Thank you!


Can't wait to see it!

Thank you so much! :D


Oooooh, I absolutely loved Royal Alchemist! As soon as you have a purchase link, expect an order from me :) 

Thank you so much! :D

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Very excited for your new game!

I really like the character designs, they're "monsters" but they're not physically "monsterous".

However I have a question about Zero's bio, which comes from the fact that my English is not very good.  By "undead life", do you mean that he's dead but he'll keep on aging, or that he's now immortal? I'm sorry if my question is not very clear.

No problem at all! Zero basically dead. But since he keeps on existing as a ghost, he will continue "living" in the same ghostly body, never ageing, until anything happens that makes him "die" and vanish for real! :D

We hope that kind of clarifies it? Undeads are... complex XD Glad you're interested in this title! Thank you so much!


I think that's too early to ask that, but will this game come out this year?
I played Royal Alchemist and LOVED your work, so i'm really anxious for this new project.

Thank you so much :D We're working hard to bring it out this year, yes. >w<!


I am a fan of your work, your games are fun, seeing this new game pop up is making me really want to try it out, will there be a small download so we could try it out before it does fully come out. anyways can't wait to see what it will be like and the choices to.

Thank you so much! :D

Since this game is planned to come out this year, we're not sure if there will be a small download prior to that. But, we'll keep everyone updated if we do! :D

thats good news, I can't wait and are you thinking of bringing it out on steam at all or just for this website. it's fine on which ever because I will love to try the game still and your welcome.

Thanks. We will bring it on Steam later as well! :D


this looks adorable!!

Thank you! :D


Super excited for this!! 

Thank you! 


I loved Royal alchemist so I'm sure Im gonna love this too! Expect a buy from me!


Thank you so much! :D


ohh I am interested in this one too :)


Thank you! :D


This looks good really good. Nifty is quality on their products


Where can I donate?

Thank you so much for your support!! :D We will open pre-order for the paid version and art packs soon!


Ahh, I'm so excited!

Thank you!! Excited to bring this little one to you guys! :D




More sneak peeks and previews soon! <3


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