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This was adorable, really sad at alot of times, but it was just amazing, I loved all the endings, but I will one day buy the full version.

Thank you very much! Glad you liked the game :D

What's the difference between the free version and the payed version? 

Hello, the paid version has one additional romance route (Lawrence, the werewolf), plus additional CGs and chibi illustrations.

I see. Thank you for the information



So cute! It was a pretty fun game and I loved the cute little chibi-esque drawings :D

Pretty ironic though, that I'm playing this game one week before my exams, instead of studying, haha...

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I love Damion 


This was so cute! I loved the MC here, and the abiity to custumize them. Very cute and chill visual novel


I loved how happy-go-lucky and enthusiastic MC is. It makes the conversations so lively and cute.  The art is adorable as well, but if there's one 'negative' thing its how we can see much of Lawrence ; ;  

Could you make an android vers of this?? It'd be so cool!!


Could you make an Android version? It'd honestly be a huge savior for me, I wish I could play this game but I only have android and PS4 devices🥲 [just to clear this up, I'm not the original owner of this account, anna quit socials so I'm taking over hers :,)]

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Hello! Sorry for the weird question but is the game SFW and child friendly?


yes my friend


I played this on Steam with the game being on season and all... and I enjoyed it a lot!

The dialogue actually entertained me and kept me in focus for the most part, the characters were fun and cute, and I liked the final exam where you get to solve the problems through multiple means (insubstantiate ftw). 

Tbh, it was the unique LIs that got me to download the game (you don't get to romance a poltergeist or a frankenstein monster that often...), and well, they're also the ones who made the game for me. I loved Zero to bits. I smile every time he goes on screen; I wish we got to learn more about him (unless I missed it). I'm just curious was his grudge was.

As for the MC... I know a lot didn't like them, but I gave em' a pass cause given the setting of the story, I wouldn't be surprised to see a kooky character like them. Maybe they would have been more likeable if they showed more vulnerability? Like when they were worrying about losing Zero or when they were comforting Damion? They were just too peppy 99% of the time, and it would have been nice to see more sides to them.

Dose anyone know how to make this work on joiplay



Amazing art; the characters and environment are so richly colored. The pathways are cute, yet carry depth. All the nods to classic horror literature were a treat. Bonus points for including the oldest vampire in history as a romanceable option. And this is just a review for the free version. I can't wait to see what else is in store. Will 100% recommend at my panel on visual novels to check out. Excellent work.

Mad props to making most of the pathways free. Even the free version is worth the asking price.

This is the perfect game to sink your teeth into as we're encroaching on spooky season.

Thank you so much for playing and the review :D We're glad you enjoyed the game!


A short review for the Free version of the game, 4/10

TLDR: If you don't mind the MC's personality, it's an alright game! It just didn't stick with me. It doesn't hurt to play it since it's mostly free. However it's not a game that I'll personally come back to play again.

I'm not here to review bomb the game. I played through only Zero's route, so it might not be the best review, however I do want to share my experience with the game. It's not bad! But it's not amazing either. The MC came off as pretty annoying imo, I couldn't handle playing more than one route with the MC acting like that. But I did enjoy the general story and interactions with Zero!

The art is amazing! It's really my taste, and probably where most of the points come from. But you can't even view the CGs in a gallery! Really need to add a gallery feature with all the main CG's+Mini CG's. I feel like one CG is very short, even for a free version of this game, at least one more per character would be satisfying.

As someone who only played one route, I might be missing the scene where the MC explains their backstory or something. But imo a backstory to the MC sounds interesting. I want to know why they can't cast a single spell (I know it's kind of explained in the story, but I want a deeper look), how they became a witch, how they became a matchmaker?! It didn't explain any of this in the route I played.

Lastly, a bit more of customization, it might be asking for too much but the mc's smile was kind of annoying me, a smaller smile would've been nicer. Even just more hair colors would be a great addition.

Please don't take this as a hurtful thing, I understand that this game is a bit too old to be reviewed now. I hope this helps at least a little for the devs!


Good art, character designs and concept

Pronouns and MC customization! Love those.


Might have repetitive gameplay

A very obnoxious MC

A bit short (but understandable for the free version)

Hi! I saw this game and really wanted play it but when I downloaded the free version on my Mac and tried to open it -- it said 'Cannot open because the developer cannot be verified. Cannot verify that this app is free.' idk if this is just me -- or if I did something wrong -- but any help is appreciated! This looks like such a good game and I would really like to play it     :'[


Hello! Thank you so much for the interest :D

This issue happens whenever you try to run an app that is not downloaded from the App Store, and the universal solution for that is listed here:

It's under "How to open apps not from the Mac App Store". We hope that helps!

Ah! Thank you so much! It worked easily, I cannot wait to play the game now! Thank you again for the help! :D


No problem! We hope you enjoy :D


As someone who has played the demo and LOVED it, I’m curious as to what is included in the Full Version so I can decide whether to purchase it or not. I’m sure it’s probably detailed somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. If anyone could tell me/link me, that would be great!


Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed :D

The full version contains Lawrence as an additional love interest route, 5 additional CGs, and a whole lot more chibi illustrations!


Absolutely loved playing it! Damion is my favorite character, what a sweet lad. The interactions between the characters are pretty amusing. Just wish there was a non-binary character design selection for Fay.  

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hello! i want to play this game, but i have a question. when i installed and tried running it, this message was given to me:

"The following component(s) are required to start this program:

Microsoft Visual C + + 2015 Runtime

DirectX Runtime

Would you like to install them now?"

and I'm not too keen on doing that. i was wondering if this was normal, and if it isn't, what should i do? thanks in advance!

Hello! Thank you for the interest.

If this message pops up, it means that your graphics driver is a bit older / not up to date with what's required to play the game. The module that needs to be installed is something officially released by Microsoft Windows. But if you're not too keen on doing that, you'd have to try it on a different machine instead.

If you have any other questions, let us know. Thank you!

I played the Steam version and will be downloading the counterpart shortly. I loved the game! I got Damion's route and this is one of my favorite visual novels. The only problems I have with it are the forced personality of the MC (I really don't like their insanely high ego) and the MC liking all characters with no apparent backstory with them, save for Zero.

Thank you so much for playing and the feedback! :D It will be carefully taken into consideration for our future projects.


I loved the game! i was just wondering, since i did all the romance routes and the neutral route, is the sixth one just failing the exam? im a completionist, and if it is, i've done all the endings lol. loved the game, lawrence is my favorite character lol

Thank you so much! Yes, the sixth ending is simply failing the exams :D

Congrats on getting all the routes, and glad you enjoyed the game (and the cat--werewolf)!


Very good game, although somewhat short, but it is normal if it is the demonstration, keep it up.


Just a review - 9/10

When I first saw this game, I thought that this would be not as good as a lot of visual novels and I was wrong. This is probably one of my favorite visual novels ever. Idk why but it was just fun and an awesome game all around. There were like a bug or two at the start but it was smooth sailing after. The voices were a nice touch as well.

This game was funny and amazing imo and I’m probably gonna replay it. Great job, i would definitely recommend this game.


Thank you so much for playing! :D We're happy you enjoyed the game.

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I can't close, or uninstalll the game, i don't know what to d


To close the game, simply press Esc if you're in-game, choose to go back to title on the right bottom and choose "Quit" in the main menu.

Since this game is zipped, to "uninstall", you simply have to delete the game folder.


I'm on Mac. Every time I try to download the game, it tells me this: 

“Witches_x_Warlocks-Mac-Shipping” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.

My only two options afterwards are either put the folder in the trash or do nothing. I don't really know what to do about this. This usually doesn't show up when downloading other games.

If any other Mac users know what to do, please send HeLp

Thank you :)

Hello! This issue happens whenever you try to run an app that is not downloaded from the App Store, and the universal solution for that is listed here:

It's under "How to open apps not from the Mac App Store". We hope that helps.


It helped, thank you very much! 


I recently purchased this game along with Royal Alchemist in the winter bundle. Royal Alchemist works fine but for some reason whenever I try to run Witches x Warlocks it says "DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine". This happens regardless if I download the file and extract it myself or try to run it through Steam.

I have tried every fix I can find online, including: updating my windows, updating/reinstalling my graphics driver, installing/updating directx, and restarting my laptop several times.

I don't understand why I can't play this game, as that error usually only appears for games with higher graphical needs, and I can run every other visual novel on the laptop I already have.

Hello. Thank you for the report. Could you perhaps check if the steps in this video has been performed? If so and it still didn't work, we can issue a refund. In that case, you can send an  email to customer.niftyvisuals(at)gmail(dot)com.

This seems to be a problem with the engine we're using . We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences.



For some reason when downloading the file it wont work no matter what I've tired and I even tired to use steam in order to play the game it didn't work as well, I'm thinking there's something wrong with the file maybe it's corrupted,  but its for sure not working.  I think its best to check it out because all other games that I've downloaded so far work perfectly  fine.


If you've encountered this issue on Windows, we have uploaded a new version that should hopefully fix the problem.

If you've encountered this issue on a different device (Mac or Linux), could you please provide some more information about what error is displayed?

Thank you!


While the new version gives more info than the previous one, still could not be run.

The system is Tails, based on Debian 10. For security & compatibility, some of the features like hardware acceleration might not works(Games made with Ren'Py or Unity would work though.).

I've never tried Unreal Engine based game before. Is there any specific requirement? Package dependencies?

Apart from that, does the game require Steam to run?

Here's the log:

4.25.3-0+++UE4+Release-4.25 518 0
Disabling core dumps.
[S_API] SteamAPI_Init(): SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() did not locate a running instance of Steam.
dlopen failed trying to load:
with error:
/home/amnesia/.steam/sdk64/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[S_API] SteamAPI_Init(): Sys_LoadModule failed to load: /home/amnesia/.steam/sdk64/

Hello! Thank you for the report.

Could you please let us know if this is the Free version or the Full version?  (You don't need Steam to run this, but we'll debug it.) Thank you!


Yes, it's a free version.

Back to version 1.0, only head 2 lines are returned when run(from the log above).

PS. The game is marked as early access. Does this mean there will be no free version when the final version is released?

Hello! Thank you for your patience.

We've finished debugging this issue and uploaded a new Free Build for Linux. We hope it's working now!

Additionally, the game is still marked as early access as we're looking to add a few more features such as an image gallery and language localization. The final version will be the same like right now, a free version with 3 love interests and a full version with extra content.


If the current free version is updated without renumbering, I'm afraid the issue is not solved.

From the log, even though the game itself from is not depends on Steam, but looks like it should write files on user's home directory? If so, this might be a problem. Seems like Tails does not grant programs to write on user's home directory for the security reason.

I didn't test on the another distributions, but as long as the game runs without errors on some major distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu, etc., this might not be a problem since Tails is not really designed for running such a thing.

Hope my opinion helps.

Hi I've been having an error trying to boot the game! I don't think it's related to my DirectX since I've updated it but here is the error. 

Hello! Thank you for the report.

Could you please check if the unzipped game folder is 358MB and you have 2 Files & 2 Folders in it? This error seems to be caused since some content of the game is missing and them being deleted / blocked by your antivirus could be one cause of it. My apologies for the inconveniences.

Oh it turns out that when I extracted one of the files got separated! Putting it back fixed the issue, thank you!

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hello! i'm having a bit of trouble with the game. whenever i try to open the game i always end up getting this message. is there anyway to fix this? edit: i forgot to mention whenever i press retry i get a fatal error.

Hello! Thank you for your report.

We've researched on the issue and it seems like your computer's pre-installed DirectX might be not up-to-date. The most reliable solution is to update it.

However, there seems to be a somewhat unclean workaround. 

After getting this error message, you can try to not close it nor interact with it. Instead, launch the game again and it might start up. We're not sure if this always works, but it's somewhat a worthy try if you don't want to update your system.

Many apologies for the inconveniences, and we hope it works for you.

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I don't know if anyone else has this problem but when I learn Feral it marks that I learned howl or vice versa with Lawrence. I am then unable  to learn that one spell so one mark is always missing, i also have the latest patch .  Is there a way to fix it or should I just wait for the next update? 

Thanks for your time :3

Hello! Have you been playing the build 1.0 or 1.05 (uploaded yesterday)? 

Because the issue should be fixed in 1.05! :D

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I'm definitely playing  1.05 (since I only bought the game today :D) but I'm still having this bug, I'm afraid.

also, it looks like I can't get his ending because of this?:(

Yes, I also have 1.05 I tried re installing it to see if that would work and it did not.  Everything else seems to work fine though just that little problem. 

Thank you for the report! We've just uploaded version 1.06, which should fix the problem.

For good measure, you can try playing from a save where you haven't learned the spell yet. But it should work either way!

Thank you, that fixed it!

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Thank you for the report. We've uploaded version 1.06 now, which should fix the problem.

For good measure, you can try playing from a save where you haven't learned the spell yet. But it should work either way!

So, I have a problem which I don't know if it's possible to repair because my device just doesn't fit the requirements to play this so I don't know if it's considered a problem, but my laptop is 32 bit and the game seems to only be available on 64 bit :,)

Hello! We will upload a 32-bit version with our next update! So hopefully you'll be able to run it then.

Thank you!


So I think the pronouns might be bugged, no matter what I chose, I'm still referred to as a witch and Carmilla calls me 'she' when she's getting the shopowner to hire me and give her a raise.


Yes, this is a bug and will be fixed in our next version update! :D

Can you please make an Android armv7 version? Please! I only own a phone, and I am so tired of freemium games. This game looks so good, too. Please do it, if you can.


Loving the game; The artstyle is gorgeous, the  writing is very amusing, the voice acting (albeit minimal, as is common in Visual Novels) is still pretty damn good, the gameplay is fun, and the music is stellar.

Frankly, my only complaint is there's no "credits" page on the main menu for the free version;  For work as great as this, it only feels right that each person who contributed should get credit, even if it is just the demo.
(I've not purchased the full version yet; am taking my time enjoying what the free version has to offer first, just wanted to leave this comment before I forgot to bring it up. If the full version also doesn't have a credits page, please add one there too.)

Hello! Thank you so much for playing and we're happy you enjoyed the game :D

Yes, there will be a credits page on the main menu as well in our upcoming update (along with a gallery and more!)

Hello! I'm really interested in playing, but I'm running into a problem. I extracted the files into a new folder, and tried running the game, but all that came up was a black screen? I can move my mouse around but other wise it's just blank? Is there something I'm doing wrong :?

Hello! We've received a few reports that the game may take very long to start up on a few laptops (anywhere between 6 seconds to 3 minutes). 

If you just see the black screen but can still move your mouse around, perhaps just wait it out for a while would work? Sorry for the inconveniences. We are trying to fix this for the next update. Thank you!

You were right! It took about six minutes to load up on the screen. That'll teach me to not be so impatient >^< Thank you for the tip!

Hello ! I have downloaded the game but I can't play it, I keep getting a 0xc00005 error and it's really annoying...

Hi! If this error is displaying for you, you can first try to start the game in administrator mode.

If that still doesn't work, it could be that your  Windows' DirectX isn't up to date. If that is the case, you can try updating it following this guide for example.

We hope this solves the problem for you. We will also try to lower the requirements in our next update. Apologies for the inconveniences.


I find the game entertaining, and I really like the style. It's really cute !  It was a short but funny experience, so I liked it a lot. 

However,  I think there is a little issue regarding the pronouns, because I set mine to he/him and the characters use she/her. Also,  some lines of code appear in the screen sometimes while playing. I still enjoyed it though! <3

Thank you so much! :D We're happy you enjoyed it.

The thing with the pronoun at a few places have been brought to our attention. We'll fix it for our next update!

This game was so cute! I was surprised that it was short, even though it did say an hour long playthrough. It's just that after all the days I did, the  time with the character was short, but adorable. I was also surprised when I realized Lawrence wasn't in the free version because he seems so sweet, but I love all the characters so I don't even know.

I saw some things already mentioned so I'm just going to ask, are the potions purple or pink? Because when you buy potions, the purple is listed as pink. Didn't bother me, just letting you know!

Hi! Thank you for playing and we're glad you enjoyed the game :D

Regarding the Pink/Purple Potion, it can be either we suppose XD Behind the scenes, we weren't fully unified in our opinion about the color either (different color perceptions, different monitor colors too xD)

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I've enjoyed the game a lot. It was sweet and funny, a tad too short for my taste but still quite enjoyable and with a certain amount of depth. Zero's my favorite love interest, he's pretty strict and a big meanie but also extremely caring. I may or may not have teared up a little bit in the latter part of his 'route' too...

While I'm at it I'll report to you a  couple of possible errors that I found when I was playing Damion's 'route':

1) I'm guessing Fay meant to say: "But I could not even imagine my life without you in it." If not, I think this is very rude of you, young lady. To say such a thing to little sweet Damion!

2) I think Damion is supposed to be talking here and the sprite isn't illuminated, plus the Damion name tag is missing.

This is pretty much it! Thanks for reading my comment.

Hello! Thank you so much for playing and we're glad you enjoyed the game :D

Thank you very much for the bug reports too! You were absolutely right about them. We'll fix them up for the next update.

Always happy to help! Thank you for creating this really sweet game <3

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Quick notes after a few playthroughs. Some code visually shows on screen while going through the game. Seemingly cannot start a new game must load from first save or atleast I am having that problem. Other than that this is so cute and I hope I get to see the collection where all those cutscenes and little cards are. The code seems to be snippets like <k></k> or <h></h> it was what I seen in text boxes 

Honestly I can't wait to see what you make next short or long it seems all your visual novels have appeal that brings me in 

Hello! Thank you so much for the report. We'll take a look at it :D

And we're very glad you enjoyed the game! We will update the game with a gallery soon so everyone can take a look at all cards and images that have been unlocked.

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