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This was super good!! Art is just perfect, and the story is interesting too (the cliffhanger where they all bow hdoisahiod). I would also so go for male MC if he was a LI ahhaha

Thank you <3 Glad you enjoyed!


Emrys is so attractive and interesting, I can safely say like his the most so far. Wonder if he is connected to  Lucius. 


I was thinking the same. Their hair and coloring is very similar. 

Great game, kept dying when I wasn't on story mode! Bummer.

it looks nice and i luv the bg music but it keeps glitching on my mac :(

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can you save everyone?

hey when is expected to release a new update?


Hello. Our next demo update is scheduled to be this summer, so anytime between July - September. We will post an announcement once we have decided on a date.

The full game is scheduled to be released at the end of 2023 :)

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hey nifty visuals what does the guide do when you say no spoiler thx, what country do you you come from

Hello. Since this is a survival stats raiser, the guide will state which stats checks will occur in which week, and how to best raise your stats to continue with the story :) The guide will provide this information without spoiling anything about the story.

And our team employs many people across the globe to work together on this project.



I've been through the demo several times, and I'm still interested, although I know what will be there. 

It was there that Aarya's appearance had changed. And what exactly has changed? What did Aarya look like before? 

By the way, the demo lasts 10 weeks there, and the extended version for how many weeks will it last?

Hello! Glad you still like going through the demo <3 All these questions will be answered in the full release, although it's still a bit further away :D

The Extended Demo will still last 10 weeks and stop at the same point. But you will get more scenes and meet a few more important characters over these 10 weeks. There will be minor story additions and new artwork too!


So the extended version will end at this point? 

I would like to know what will happen next, at least for a few sentences or for one week to expand... 

And will there be scenes with favorites in the extended version?


I really love this game so much! The story, even aside the love aspect, is enjoyable. The ending had me silently screaming and it gave me goosebumps. Royal Order even got my brain working to write fantasy romance! I don't think I've played an Otome this intense, like it genuinely got me on my toes! All in all, the game experience (from the UI, characters, etc.) was fun and pleasant. Looking forward to the full release and your future projects!

Thank you so much for your kind words! We are glad you enjoyed the demo <3

Will Royal Order be free or will we have to pay for it?

Hello! There will be 2 free demos, but the full release will be a premium game :)

ok thanks!


As soon as I saw the cover and read the plot of the story, I downloaded it! It's really rare to see romance + fantasy rpg this days tho. <33

Thank you! :D


I absoulutely ADORE this game!! I think it’s been so long, since I’ve encountered such intense romance + fantasy RPG. The animation, the bgm, THE PLOT, etc. All of it just contribute the experience through the game; as if i was there presently╰(✧∇✧)╯

Waiting excitedly for the full release ٩(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Thank you <3


Super impressive visual novel. The ending was just incredible! I can't wait for the full game!

Thank you so much <3

By the way, after the Royal Order, I recommend continuing the series of "Royal ....".

It will be very interesting to play as a hero with deviant magic. I was attracted to Neri with his magic in the Royal Alchemist, which began to attract even more in the Royal Order.



I have a question. I live in Omsk, so there are problems with Steam with payment. 

I want to ask, will there be an opportunity to buy the game when it comes out completely? I have a Sberbank card and would like to use it to buy a novel.

Hello! The game is scheduled to be released at the end of next year. We sincerely pray that the world will have turned back to be a bit more normal by then. Thank you so much for your interest and stay safe!

Thank you very much! 

By the way, I'm wondering when and on what date the extended version will be released? I've just been going through the demo several times and I'm interested every time.

The Extended Demo is scheduled for this summer! So it could be anytime between July-September. We will post an announcement when we know the release date for sure :D 


I just completed the demo, and wow I was seriously so amazed by the writing and the gameplay features! can't wait to see what comes next


This cliffhanger- I will riot


just finished the demo and this was so great! looking forward to it!  

On Windows 11 it will crash a lot. I do have gaming laptop. Probably because it's not totally set up or I download the game wrong





I just finished the demo and it's so good! Really looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Thank you so much!

...ok, at least now I understand why Neri wasn't love interest in RA.

an i get the full version on itch

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My question is, how many CG will there be in total? 

And one more question: How much CG is provided for one love interest? In general, I would like to know for each love interest how much CG will be.

And will there be additional CG in the game there for Neri, Lucius (I want a couple of CG with him)?

Hello! As the game is still in development, we can't give you the exact number of how many CGs there will be in total. However, as a very rough estimate, we're planning 30+ more love interest CGs in total, so about 10+ for each not including variations. 

There will also be CGs outside of the routes, but there are no definite decisions regarding the amount yet and which characters they will involve. We will definitely update this in our features list once the game is further progressed~ Thank you for your interest!


hi!! absolutely love the demo!! will there be a steam release for the full game or is pre-ordering the game on itch the only way to get a copy? 

Thank you so much!

Our pre-orders for Steam will be ready soon. We will post an announcement here on Itchio too once it is :D


Losing my mind over this; it's so high quality and the stat building mechanic adds a planning aspect that I love a lot, while still not being too challenging. 10/10

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game's demo <3


My question is, how many CG will there be in total? 

And one more question: How much CG is provided for one love interest? In general, I would like to know for each love interest how much CG will be.

And will there be additional CG in the game there for Neri, Lucius (I want a couple of CG with him)?


Hi, I have a question when the full game will be uploaded. I am very excited, and what will I benefit from if I order it before its release?

Hello! An Extended Demo is scheduled for this year, while the full release is being worked on for the end of next year.

All of our early supporters who pre-order the game will be able to get the supporter wallpaper pack, PLUS get access to our supporter mini-guide on the game's release! Thank you!

I Really hope my income tax comes in this week, I'd love to pre order this one.  Also gave me a reason to re consider my passing on the first story.  If it is as well written, then I seriously misjudged not getting it.

Thank you so much!


No thank you =)  Uncle Sam did remember me this Saturday, so I've pre ordered.  Looking forward to this!  Thanks again for such a lovely story.

Hello, I have a request. I want to play your games, but I can't because the Android is not available. Can you please add it?

hey nifty visuals can you date both guys and girls in this game (sorry for the stupid comment) :) 

No worries! Yes, we have both gender love interests in this game (2M, 1F) and you can date them regardless of what gender you choose to play.

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okay thanks

Hello! i was trying to run the demo, but a .txt file shows up and says this:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
While running game code:
ScriptError: Name (u'renpy/common/000atl.rpy', 1615434093, 243) is defined twice, at renpy/common/000atl.rpy:25 and renpy/common/000atl.rpy:25.
-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------
Full traceback:
  File "renpy/", line 326, in bootstrap
  File "renpy/", line 447, in main # sets
  File "renpy/", line 283, in load_script
    self.load_appropriate_file(".rpyc", ".rpy", dir, fn, initcode)
  File "renpy/", line 797, in load_appropriate_file
    self.finish_load(stmts, initcode, filename=lastfn)
  File "renpy/", line 473, in finish_load
  File "renpy/", line 452, in check_name
    bad_node.filename, bad_node.linenumber))
ScriptError: Name (u'renpy/common/000atl.rpy', 1615434093, 243) is defined twice, at renpy/common/000atl.rpy:25 and renpy/common/000atl.rpy:25.
Sun Feb 27 15:27:19 2022

I'd rly love to see the demooo, so I hope this gets fixed. Thank you!

Hello! Thank you very much for the report.

Could you perhaps check the following in the game's unzipped folder? 


If there is a folder named " tl ", could you delete this folder and try to start up the game again?

We hope this works!

So regarding the Preorder the Game thing, what's the digital key? So like a steam key or an itch key?

Hello! The Pre-Order on this will be the digital download key for this game here on Itchio.

We will be opening Steam Pre-Orders soon and publish an announcement once we do! Alternatively, it's also possible to send us a Paypal donation for the Steam pre-order instead. 

If you'd like more information, please let us know! Thank you.


I'm thrilled with the Royal Order demo! 

I really like it. I was a little shocked by the ending of the demo. I walked through and sat down in shock, I wanted to scream: How could I come at such a moment?! 

Will an extended version of the demo be released this year? 

I would like to ask when I can start an affair with Neri? This is a very chic character. 

And I have one more question: When the Royal Order ends, will there be other novels in which there will be a "Royal ..."?

I really liked the Royal Alchemist and Royal Order series, I would like to continue. 

I am waiting for the full version and the extended version of the demo! 

Good luck to you!

Thank you so much for playing :D We're glad you enjoyed the first demo!

We're currently working on an Extended Demo that's scheduled for this year. We'll announce it in an update once the release has been decided on.

Regarding your questions:

1. For now, we plan to focus on the main 3 routes first and do them well before thinking about any expansions! However, we'll be keeping Neri as a candidate in mind.

2. We... are actually not sure about any further sequels either :'D
Royal Order only came to us during the final months of Royal Alchemist, since there were some spots in the worldbuilding that we would have liked to expand on. Perhaps, we'll know more when the development for Royal Order comes to a close as well.

Once again, thank you very much for your support! Take care :D

I bought a Royal Alchemist in Steam, now I'm looking forward to the release of the Royal Order. 

Tell me, will the extended version be released in Steam or only here?

Thank you so much! And the Extended Demo will be released on both Steam and here :D


im so glad i found this game!! love the character designs as well as the background arts and the music as well, and the writing too!! so many things making sense in the end and clicking as i go. im so confused as to how i never found this before but im so happy i did

the demo was really amazing, hooked me from the start and left me wanting more in the end, i cant wait to play this when its completely out. thank you for making an amazing game! :D 

Thank you so much for playing! And we're super happy you enjoyed this demo <3

Our team will be working hard to bring out the final release!


Hi, so I just wanted to let you know that I came across someone who uploaded the demo of this game and made it available for download?  I know it's not theirs, so I wanted to make you aware of it.

Thank you very much for letting us know! We'll go ahead and report the page.


You're welcome, I can't stand it when people do that sort of thing.


when will the full version of the royal order be released?

Cause I just simply LOVED the demo!!

And the thrill at the end-

I'm so excited >w<

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Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed <3

The full release is planned for the end of 2023, with an updated demo coming this year! :D

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the end of 2023- crying...i am excited for the demo


oh my gosh, the demo is simply amazing!!! the art is gorgeous, the story is well-written, I love the stats part of the game....and (mini spoilers)

i love the plot twist for the MC!!! i literally got chills at the end of the demo...anyways, I can't wait for this game to be finished! definitely adding on my to-buy-list once it's all done :D


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed <3


I hope this sequel will have more romance scenes and interactions than the previous Royal Alchemist. I mean, it's the main reason we come to otome games right? The otome without good story-driven is not a good otome, but an otome with lacking romance is not different from other visual novel as well.


Oh I agree! I hope this sequel show improve and take consideration of the last game criticism because as much I like the storyline, I'm still expecting romance because of the tags 


I think the demo is only the first sixth, or as bit less, of the game. So there's plenty of time for more romantic-like scenes. I prefer a slow/slower burn like these. It comes off as more meaningful & makes me feel much more emotionally invested.


Such a great demo! I also wish Nerifiel was an option too. I hope you will include him if you plan other paid routes after release :D

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