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*screams* I just finished the Demo and this is so good! I can't wait until the full game comes out! Ahhhhhhhh!

Thank you so much! We're super glad you enjoyed the demo! :D

The full release will be here soon! ;)

Is it possible to pre-order the artbook and guide seperately?

I have ordered the standard edition before and I don't want to buy the game for a second time...

Hi! Yes, it's totally possible to order the artbook and guide seperately.

We have added the single artbook / guide as an option to this itch page! You can pre-order here before the end of February to receive the exclusive content!

Please note, our Digital Guide includes the artbook! So you don't have to buy the extra artbook if you get the guide :D


When is the predicted release date?
I think it written somewhere but I dont see any .
Already pre-ordered btw now just waiting for the full game~

Thank you so much for the pre-order and the support! :D

The game is scheduled to release during Q1 2020. As of now, we're predicting it to launch in March! A more detailed public update will be posted this month!


Really enjoyed the demo, I might have the game saved in my steam wishlist for when it comes out. :P

Thank you so much! :D Glad you enjoyed the demo!


Really loved this game-- love the art, the story, and the UI. Went through and collected all the endings all in one go, and can't wait for the full release!

As with other commenters however, I did have issues unlocking Death #3 even with the guide-- I think there's some sort of bug where Serin swoops in to save the day and the light/wood check points pass even though the actual values don't meet the cutoffs. 

Hi! Thank you so much for playing and we're glad you enjoyed the demo! :D

Regarding the bug, thank you very much for reporting it! It is a logic error that we'll get fixed for the final release. (We will update the demo soon to get rid of it as well.)

I loved this game before, and I still love it now. It's improve significantly from a year ago. The art and gameplay is still the bomb, and even better than before. I remember pleading to my grandfather to buy this someday, and now I just finished filling up the kickstarter survey.

Anyways, there's something that was bothering me while playing. I'm not sure if others have noticed this, but "male" Alexis's worried face's mouth and nose seem kinda out of place. I don't know if that's intentional, but it just looked off, especially when he's talking. If that IS something you'd look into, I edited the picture a bit just to show you what I mean.Of course it's not that good of an edit. After all, it's your project. In the end, this is an awesome game I'm really looking forward to play.  I think you are all doing swell, and this game is the best.

P.S. Still hoping there would be a regent ending.

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Hello and thank you very much! We received your survey information <3

(Aaaand this message was accidentally sent before we got to reply to everything so -edits-) xD

Thank you very much for the sprite edits as well! (It's actually well done! XD) There are many things that are on our to-do list in regards of sprite polishing and this should be one of them!

So happy to hear from you again even after such a long time! :D The project is finally reaching the finish line soon too. We'll keep doing our best so thank you so much for the continuous support!


I've just finished the demo... And wouaaaah ! I love it so much !!! Good art, cool characters and cool gameplay !
I love the fact that we can die, and that our stats have real effect on the game !
I will definitly order it when out ! :)

Thank you very much! :D We're super happy you enjoyed the demo! 

We're doing our best to bring you guys the full release in a few months! :D

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Yeaaah <3
Good luck to you all ! :D


The demo was amazing! Beautifully made, the art was amazing and so is the animation, the music was very fitting to the scenery and atmosphere and the game mechanics were great! The characters were super interesting, the story got me really curious and overall the demo was very enjoyable in my opinion. My favorite prince is with no doubt Aurelius. I'll be checking out the pre-orders for sure!

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Thank you very much for playing!! :D (More love for Aurelius!) 

We're super happy you enjoyed the demo!

Hi, I must say, I really like the game. It looks good, the story is nice and looks like it uses the kind of tropes I really love and the stats system is nice (though it does frustrates me in a way, mostly when I first played it, as I'm a perfectionist, but replaying it made me accept I could fail some parts of the story without it being necessarily bad for me (or the character I wanna spend time with).

I just have one problem: I'm currently trying to get every bad ending but for some reason I can't get the 3rd and 6th. Even with the guide. Serin always ends up saving me, even if, for instance, the only stat I raise for him is fire, and for me intelligence/combat. I stay far from him, don't raise charisma, don't do any mission, but I keep getting the 4th bad end... And even though I survided with Aurelius, not raising his darkness enough meant 4th death... I feel like I tried everything...

Also, just being a nitpick, the mc's position in the grimoire feel a bit uncomfortable, I'm not sure why, maybe it's the legs or the orientation of the different parts of the body.

Anyway, good luck to you

Hello! Thank you very much for playing the demo and the review! 

We will try to check again regarding the 3rd and 6th bad ending to see if they're working alright! >w< And thank you as well for the feedback for the grimoire! (Finding the right char position can be hard ; v ; )

is there a demo guide >.<


Yes! For all possible endings of the demo, you can use this guide!

I have survived the demo, the question is, will my save files be carried over to the game itself when it's released?

Due to the amount of changes that might occur, the saves might not be compatible so far >w<"

We will soon update the demo into a version where the saves will be carried over!

This is an amazing and wonderful game! The graphics are great, the music is enchanting, and the storyline is amazing. I like the concepts of the storyline and the music best. The narration could do a bit better though.

When I am reading the story, some parts of it don't fit in with all the intensity, so please do check the script. Also, some sound effects don't match as well, for example when the potion exploded in Week 10, the sound of it was far more powerful than the descriptions. 

Otherwise, wonderful game, great artwork. Keep up the hard work! I will be waiting for the release!

Thank you very much for the feedback! :D We're glad you enjoyed the premise so far and we'll try our best to polish it more!

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I played this expecting it to be quite similar to the original demo and was quite pleased to find it varied in the best ways! Impressed, as usual! 

Question: How much will it cost, once published fully?

Thank you! (And sorry for the slightly late reply.)

The full release will be shipped for $20! >w<

Oh, no problem! Thanks for letting me know <3

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I've only just started the demo- but I'm enchanted already! I'll make sure to leave a full review when I've finished! However, one thing I've noticed is the Grimoire- the symbol on the cover of it, and the symbol for "darkness", is the Star of David. This doesn't quite sit well with me; surely a five-pointed pentagram could serve the same purpose that the six-pointed Star of David was intended to? I think it may even be better for it, as it is already associated with the occult/magic, rather than the Star of David which is associated with modern Jewish identity. If you wish to avoid religious symbols entirely (as the pentagram is used by some Wiccans), a triskelion may also be appropriate? 

Edit: I see this was already pointed out- my bad, I should've read on! 

Also I did notice two areas that could be re-worded if you want??

"...the more in the instruction of an art..." perhaps 'an emphasis in the instruction' or 'better for the instruction of' because the sentence is a tad unclear

"In that case, the Lord President..." i'm probably just picky, but 'Other than that' or 'in addition to' would be better suited, as "in that case" usually references an alternate or exclusion, rather than something that is in addition to something else

I don't mean to come off critical, they were just two moments that took me out of the game so I thought i'd mention it- sorry this comment got so long ':(

No problem at all! Thank you very much for the review! :D

Yes, the symbol is something we'll change later on. As for the wording, we'll make sure to send your feedback to our editors! Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoy the game so far.


I really like the demo and concept! The characters are so fun, the soundtrack is well-selected, and the art is phenomenal.

One thing I noticed, however, is that the tense of the narration would change constantly. Mission reports, presumably written in past tense, often switch to present in the middle of a sentence. The narration itself, presumably written in present tense, often switches back to past. It's sort of a pet peeve of mine, but the game was very compelling nonetheless. I can't wait for the full release!

Thank you very much for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the demo.

Ah, the writing tense in the narration is something we tried to fix but alas, there are probably still spots that we have overlooked. We will try our best to polish it more for the end product! :D


I loved the demo so much, cant wait for the full version^^

Ah...quick question is the full version gonna be free or not?

Thank you for playing! :D

The full version is going to be paid / premium.



Played the Demo, loved it. Looking forward to the full release. c:

Thank you! :D


I discovered this game on accident a few days ago and download the demo out of sheer boredom and I got to say I absolutely love it!! I can't wait for the full version <3 Just one question, why did you use the Star of David  on the grimoire and as a sign for dark magic?


Glad you enjoyed it!

And that was actually accidental and an oversight on our part. We will change the design of the Dark element again for the full version! >w<' 

It happens to the best of us and it really feels like a lot of effort and time was invested in this game, so it's completely understandable!


This game is amazing and I can't wait for the full game to come out! There's one thing I have to say though, I'm playing the Silver:Line demo by Codev right now and I've noticed they have a few of the same backgrounds that are in your demo, did you give them permission to use these bgs or did you get them off the same creator? Just wanted to let you know in case you didn't give them permission.

Thank you so much! We're happy you enjoyed the demo :D

Some of our backgrounds are from royalty free resources! So we believe they probably bought from the same creator as well, there's no problem. Thank you so much for keeping an eye out though!

Yes, thank you for your concern. :D 


I absolutely love this game! The graphics are very pretty, and I enjoyed the branching choices, though I'm not very far into it yet. Would it have changed the story if I chose to attack them head on instead of retreating>

Also are there multiple endings?

Either way, I'm going to be playing this game every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until I've finished it, so if you want to see more, then remember to subscribe!

Thank you for playing! We will add your videos to our official Let's Play list :D

Most of the time, your choices will branch off the story a bit differently, give you other stats and go back to the main story branch! 

And yes, there are multiple endings! You can finish this demo in 10 different ways: 4 survival endings and 6 death endings!

Ouch. Well, I'll try to survive.


I'm so hooked on this game. Love all the intgrigue >:3 This game will for sure be on my to buy list when it's fully released! <3


Thank you so much <3 Happy you enjoyed it! :D


I honestly don't remember how many months has it been. Whenever i search any new games at itch that i would love to play, I would always come back here to see if anything is available . Be it, extended demo or full release of this game.

In one of the comments that i saw said full game is Scheduled to be at the beginning of the next year. ... *smile* Looking forward to it. I really love and enjoy this game. 

Ahhh thank you so much! Our team is super happy ; v ;b

While the full game will still need a while -sweats- we have an Extended Demo scheduled at the end of this month! Even though it only has a tiny bit more story content, there are many other things that have been polished, such as colored CGs! >w<b


Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to see it. *smile* 

It is worth for me to keep checking the game even it takes long. As long as it is still continued, I'll be looking forward to it. 

Can't wait to see the extended one. It is demo after all. I understand. I want to feel and see it full in the full game. lol. I can be so weird. *laugh* Glad to see wonderful news. *smile*

We're definitely trying our best to keep it up and give you guys regular updates along of our development journey >w<b Thank you so much for the continuous support :D!

No worries. It's my pleasure to do so. *smile*


How dare you guys! Right off the bat you get me attached to this guard character and then break my heart and soul into a million pieces a few seconds later.

Honestly though, this is one of the first games I played here in itch...look at me now! Having an account and posting opinions that the void don't really care about. At first, I was confused on what the hell I was supposed to be doing. It's a good thing, really. I was lost because this game was so different so unique. I've never played a game quite like it.

The MC, for once, isn't the one who has actual royal blood 'destined-to-rule' and all that. The MC's character actually have depth that a lot of these types of games lack.

Then there was the thing where you plan the three's scheds which builds up their powers and stuff. First game I played  that didn't make that boring. 

There was also the map stuff where you choose which ones to help. I've never played any game that had that. I literally stared at the screen for a couple of minutes before I...hesitantly...clicked anything. 

I loved the potions stuff too. Like, a lot of games, you only see the consequences of your actions as you are nearing the end but with this, you can clearly see how your choices affect future events, whether in the long run or not.

All that it's only a demo. I get so caught up in playing that I had to remind myself that when I reached the end, back when this was new. Now I'm back to play it for the nth time. Great job in keeping me here as your game's slave prisoner with a job to play!

Thank you so much for the kind words! We're so happy to have reeled you in xD!

-coughs- Quite a few of us are lamenting over the guard captain, but alas, it was his fate...

We understand that the first time playing might have been a bit confusing / overwhelming with all the different systems we offer! Although that can also be partly blamed on us not providing any tutorials >w<" The upcoming Extended Demo (that will have a bit more content and polishing) will fix this! We're super happy you found your way through and had fun doing so! :D

Aaand did I mention the art style? No? 'Cause damn that was just...well...stunning! Thank you for bringing me into this world.


Hey guys...I just wanted to ask if there is any indicator on what page you are currently in, when saving the game, or not. 'Cause I might just not have noticed it. If there isn't, well I'd like to suggest it. ^-^


Thank you for the suggestion! Yes, it's actually a bug in the current demo. The page indicator will be in the upcoming Extended Demo! (SoonTM) 


Cool! Keep being awesome, guys! ^-^

When is the full game to be released?

The full game is scheduled to be at beginning of the next year :)

I don't know if you already mentioned this but is the complete game going to be paid or is it free?

Hi! The full game is going to be premium / paid :)

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I really enjoyed playing the demo - I was devastated by the time I reached the gates after the opening scene, about that poor soldier that died in the crossfire, quite literally - RIP in peace, family man of the year. I think stat raising in general sort of provides a different engagement and depth to any otome, specifically, that I really like - the screen for the stats of the MC as well as the three princes is very well designed and easy to navigate. I also like how the individual princes challenged my first impressions of them. The sounds are a little bit of a wild card for me - hit or miss, I suppose? - but I do like the cutthroat court setting and also all of the supporting characters. Nazir seems... inspired a little from the Middle East? It was quite jarring to see him speak in a more... stereotypically British manner while joking around, but I expect backstories will be revealed in due time so I can't nitpick lol. Good luck! Thank you for the hard work!

Hi! Thank you very much for playing and the feedback! We're glad you like the setting and gameplay :D (And the soldiers of the intro! They shall forever be remembered.) Hopefully the full background stories of the princes will be enjoyable for you too! :D

We'll continue working hard to bring you guys the full game >w<b

I'm really enjoying this so far! As another user has said, due to the weekly events raising stats doesn't feel tedius and is actualy fun. I can't wait to see how the romance aspect/s turn out, thank you for the hard work!

Thank you! :D Glad you enjoyed.

I finished playing the demo last night and have to say it was very satisfied. Unlike other raising stats game, you guys added events every weeks, made it very enjoyable to play through instead of trying hard to reach the requirement. Those missions and alchemy items are indeed interesting ideas as well. :3 Both the art and the writing are really... elegant. They bring up the vibe that made me comfortable just by looking and reading. So far, this game meets up to the expectations that I have been seeking in this genre. OvOb

P.S. This demo is great but I would like to know more how the romance works, or maybe a little bit of its writing when we play someone's route. :')


Thank you so much! We're glad you've enjoyed everything so far >w<b

Regarding the romance, we hope to bring more clarity with the additional features the Extended Demo / full release will have >w<b (Aside of the additional scenes that will be in the Extended Demo as well!)

OMG I love this game soooo much!!! Just from replaying the Demo over and over and over and over and over and... well you get the point! I can't wait till the game is finish and throw my money at you! ( In a really good and non offensive way )

PS. I manage to get the 2nd and 3rd to help me but can I get the 1st to help ?? If yes then how? That was the only thing I couldn't figured out.

Thank you! :D Glad you enjoyed the demo so much!

To get the 1st to help you, you need bring his Light & Wood magic to 30+ and his affection up. The safest way to ensure his affection is high enough is to interact with him during the Intro choice (where you choose who to interact with). Then pass the Charisma (20+) check in Week 7 and also finish the mission "Heavenly Beauty"! :D

Thank you!!! So much!! It was sooooo worth it!

Yay! Glad you enjoyed! :D

I loved the demo; I devoured it in a matter of hours. It was absolutely glorious, especially the ending scene - that of the battle. I also loved the gameplay: its unique qualities made it very refreshing to play.
So, thank you for your effort and dedication in the creation of this beautiful and entertaining game <3 I will look forward for the complete game!

Thank you! Our writer put a lot of blood and tears into that ending scene especially x'D We're glad the gameplay is likeable to you too! >w<

We'll keep doing our best to bring the full release ASAP! :D

I absolutely love this game!

It's so beautiful and interesting!

I can't wait until the next update! I hope it's soon! Take your time, though!

Thank you for playing! :D We're happy you are enjoying the demo so much!

We're giving our all to bring the next update asap >w<b Thanks for the support!

i downloaded this game the other day and it's been fun~ the description intrigued me bc it reminded me a bit of another game, long live the queen, w/ the whole raise stats while trying not to die in royal court. i hope comparing them doesnt sound like a slight against you guys, i meant it more that it's a fun concept so i'm happy to see a different story w/ a similar feel but still it's own thing. the story's very interesting and so far i'm enjoying the cast introduced. i like all the things you gotta keep track of.  i was able to not die and pass the demo, though i made sure to save every week and reloaded a few times ^^;

i skimmed through the latest dev updates, and i'm happy some changes are being made like crafting specifically wont take a whole week. the grimoire also sounds useful. are the approval rates for the 5 factions also going to be in the grimoire, or will that be like a hidden stat thing?

i suppose i have one other question, is there any info on the potential extra love interest? would it be a current side chara or a new chara? would they wear glasses? it's an important character trait lol i understand you guys are still accepting paypal donations so i'm curious

Hi! Thank you very much for playing and the feedback! :D

It's no problem to compare us with LltQ at all xD Our game is based on a similar mechanic!

To your question: the values of the Princes' affections and the factions approval will be displayed in the Grimoire as well! Although it's an optional thing that's only displayed if you have the Notifications on in the settings. We made it that way since some players prefer to play everything "blind" :D

Regarding the potential optional love interest, it won't be a character that already appeared in the current demo, but it would be a choice between two characters that would appear as side characters in the future. Also, we're not sure if monocles count as glasses xD

Hello there!

I have just been playing this for almost two hours and I have to admit, I am impressed. 

Here is a little feedback!

* Art~ I love it! I have seen other independently made visual novels on Steam that have interesting concept but the art looked cheap, rushed, and like nothing was really invested in the art, thus putting me off buying them. This art is just awesome and I look forward to the rest of the cast in the full game. I also think that it was quite inventive of you to make some of the characters in silhouettes. I am also grateful that we were given a sketch in place of some cut-scenes that aren't 100% complete yet.  So kudos to the artists and their hard work. Keep it up!

*Sound effects~ Very hit and miss in some places but nothing majorly off putting. Believe me when I say I have experienced a LOT worse.

* Prince Stats~ It seems randomised and I am not sure f this is on purpose BUT I have noticed that some of the princes do better with some elements than others. Was this pure coincidence or meant to be that way?  If so then I really like that and I think it is really creative! - If not then maybe program it so each prince has a slight leaning to one element and is better at learning some elements over the others or something like that? 

In some RPGs that I have played different races/classes tend to lean one way more than the other and thus you work with it.  So may I suggest that something like that happens?

*MC stat upgrades~ I know it might be asking a little much but maybe you could add a mini-segment or something where we get to learn some of what MC is learning?  

*Missions~  It wasn't explained that you would have to choose between teaching the princes or doing missions and it kind of caught me off guard. Perhaps you could add that explanation? 

*Ded?~ I take it that the demo is supposed to end with MC being killed off without any way to bypass the stat check? If so then may I suggest that you update the demo to let the player know that please? For example - with instead of "bad end" you add that you can let the player know that >.<



* I noticed that  you said there would only be one or two assassination attempts. Will these be off-screen deaths or will we actually see cut-scenes it if it happens? 

*I didn't see an age rating. Are you intending to keep it SFW or do you intend to make a NSFW version? 

*Will voice acting be a thing in this or are you keeping it purely text based? (Not that I mind either way!) 


I really do look forward to this game being finished and any merch you decide to release. 

Thank you very much for the demo and keep up the great work!

Hi! Thank you so much for playing and we're glad you're liking the game so far! :D

To your questions & feedback:

* Prince Stats: You actually noticed right! Yes, the Princes each have two elements they're more affined with, and so they learn those faster than the others! In the Extended Demo and Full Release, we'll give the players the option to look more into the different Stats and the characters :D Like this:

Of course, information regarding the MC's stats will be given too :)

* Actions & Missions: The current demo is still largely missing a "Tutorial", we plan to explain more about missions and their functions in the full game as well!

* Deaths: The current demo has ~7 ways to die and 4 ways to survive. The deaths are marked with a "Game Over" message, and if you survive, you'll reach "End of Demo.". Although we've noticed that the difficulty settings we've set is way too high for most players x'D Different difficulty settings is definitely something we'll add in the Extended Demo :)

* Death scenario: They are mostly "off-screen" as in they're not graphical deaths. Although they'll get an innocent chibi illustration.

* Rating: The game will be kept SFW! Although it's definitely rated Teens for violence and innuendo.

* Voice acting: We would like to have partial VA if our funds allow! Although nothing is decided regarding this yet. We'll know more during the end stages of development :D

(2 edits)

That was absolutely delightful and so very well balanced! It's great having so much story content. The stat manipulation feels very natural and not like a grind in the slightest. The characters are all interesting and charming. 

I only have two comments. First, while I know from what we're told at the beginning of the game that Nazir is beloved by the common people and a generally good guy, the 'silverware' scene is a bit uncomfortable to me. I think it might be a good idea to make it more clear that the maid was a willing participant, not the victim of a power imbalance and unwanted attention.

Second--and this is probably just me--I was really hoping that the female Alexis would be the same avatar, just with longer hair.  Same clothes and face. Sigh. Maybe I've just been watching too much anime. I think I've overdosed on tiny, cute girls.

All in all, this is a wonderful, beautifully high quality demo, and I'll definitely be contributing to the Kickstarter. Well, when I get paid. ;)

Thank you so much for playing! :D We're super happy you enjoyed the demo!

Yes, most of the scenes weren't edited in the demo. They're currently going through more editing to fix issues we might not have seen before! The scene with Nazir and the maid is a quite delicate one though, to balance between the right amount of "Yes, it was totally consensual" but also "It's so awkward to be caught!!!" xD We will try our best though!

Regarding the style, mhhhhm, if it makes a difference, know that the MC, both male and female, are 5.57 feet and the same weight? XD We actually tried to make them as similar as possible. So the male one does look a bit more feminine, and the female one definitely isn't tiny and "delicate" xD Their faces are a bit up to the artist' style though -coughs-

They killed me on Week 11 *pout* I was almost done! Oh well. Maybe I'll finish another time.

We'll definitely need a guide once it's out. I have no idea what I've been doing with my and princes' stats (apparently keeping even is a BAD idea), what we could or should have been crafting or how tough the skill checks are.

Great game, obviously. (And nice cast. I like the Regent and Serin most of all. And Nazir is a charmer).

Oh oh xD Yes keeping even is a very bad idea :P (Focus first, branch out later! XD) If you are replaying the demo again, you can check out some spoiler-free hints here!

Thank you very much for playing! We're happy you're enjoying everything so far! :D 

hi im a backer is there any way to up my pledge level to a different level as you guys dont seam to have used a backerkit and i really want to get a higher pledge level.


Yes, we don't use Backerkit. Please just message us on Kickstarter and we can sort it out as we're still accepting more pledges over Paypal! :D Thanks!

how do i contact you on kickstarter?


so, this is possibly the best and most engaging VN (i've spent a lot of time just checking out all possible routes- the story has me drawn in and it's just so good) on i like it A LOT, so i'm gonna try to get my friends to donate, hook them onto the game, and spread the word. you guys just deserve a lot of support, since you clearly thought everything out. congrats on the really great VN; you guys will definitely recieve critical acclaim when this baby slips out the oven.


Thank you so much for the kind words! We're so happy to hear that you've spent so much time on exploring the demo and enjoyed it!

We super appreciate you spreading the word too! ;v;b As this project also means a lot to us we really appreciate all the support! Thank you!


The politics and characters' social dynamic are intriguing, the characters' design is drawn lovely, and the significance of every actions (may it be the choice in the narration, a mission, making potion, or the studies) are composed or constructed pretty well. It wasn't kidding in "(there are)...many (ways to) deaths" in this adventure, but it doesn't mean taking away that moment of proud (a bit hint and spoiler) when beholding the training results from your certain royal pupils ;)

Nonetheless, keep up the great work and I look forward to its final version ^^


Thank you so much for the kind words! :D We'll keep trying our best >w<b


This game is so good and the art is just beautiful! Definitely one of my favorites. I hope there will be a guide though because I'm dyinggg in the part where it says 'All Love Fails'. Well, I'll keep trying. Keep working, guys! I'm looking forward to the full game!

Thank you so much! Happy you enjoyed the demo >w<b

Yes, there will definitely be a guide with the full release! Plus different difficulty settings to match your preferences! :D


This game is amazing. Also if the Uncle turns out to be evil, I will cry because I love him just as much as the princes (not in the same way but still). Seriously, it seems like a fun game and I'm not even done with the demo.

Thank you so much! :D Happy you like the Uncle too \o\

We're so glad you like the demo so far and wish you a lot of fun with the rest! >v<

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