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Um I pre-ordered this game then played for a while before uninstalling it for other stuff, but now when I wanted to download it again to play, it doesn't let me? Normally itch let's you know how long you've bought this game for, but now I can't see the download link anymore and it said I have to pay 20$ again to buy the game? 

Is it possible to recover my purchase pls? I can't even see this game in the "My purchase" on itch anymore.

Edit: I still have it on my steam account...I just can't find it on my Itch account

Hello! Do you perhaps remember where you pre-ordered the game? We cannot find your username in our purchase history on itch. And if you pre-ordered the game on our Xsolla page, it's the Steam version only.

You can also send us an email to royal.alchemist.bugs[at] with the email address of your account and we can attempt to find you with that. Thanks!

I enjoyed this game quite a bit. I played through on Aurelius' and reached the happy romance ending, and it was fulfilling. The personalities of the side characters were endearing, especially getting to know Cerdiwen's backstory! I will definitely play through again in the future and probably go after Serin next time. 5/5!

Thank you so much for playing! :D We're happy you enjoyed the game. And good luck on getting on Serin's route <3

This is such a fun game, well worth the price! Thank you very much for producing this lovely piece of art; kudos all around!

I have currently unlocked all the romance endings and Serin's bad ending. I'm finding the friendship endings surprisingly hard to achieve than the romances! This is likely because I'm using the romance save files, starting roughly halfway through each plot, and making choices in an attempt to get friendship-only routes. For reals, if you get only 50% of the route bar but accidentally get another cutscene, it rounds up and the romance WILL persist! Not that I have any problems reliving those wonderful scenes ^_^ Need a fan for some of the Aurelius content, phew! After this, the plan is to get the last ending aka all non-romance! I do wonder what that will  be like + if that is what is needed to unlock the final MC portrait. My notes on Serin's bad ending and villains... SPOILERS below --

How COULD you!? Not our beautiful bae! TT No, but really, for an obligatory sacrifice story route, this was truly well done. The art for distraught Alexi(s) is truly heart-wrenching. As for villains--Lady Ishbell's reasons were credible and understandable, if extremely sad. I adore the split arcs for Nazir as a result of her betrayal--gotta say, his Rosenkreuz awakening was by far my favorite twist! Him and Berringer are too adorable with their antics. In general, love how Berringer works into all the endings. Harris' and Raphael's endings are tragic, and their motives make a little less sense to me? On Aurelius' route, I enjoy getting to see how close these two are, and Raphael's devotion to Harris *does* make sense... but enough to die for him? O.o I would have loved to have seen Harris expand further upon his grief over Raphael's death/why that leads to his really rash decisions towards the end, more than the MC puzzling it out a bit at the end once he is captured.

Quick tiny note for devs--on Nazir's romance route, I noticed that his mini portrait (the one featured in the classes menu) pops up randomly on a few of the later scenes, which seems like an error since that does not occur on other routes. I believe it happens in the "working together at the tavern" scene and one or two others.

Thank you so much for playing and the detailed review!

Admittedly, it can be quite hard sometimes to get on the non-romance endings if you accidentally catch the key scenes, yes :'D We're happy you're having fun replaying though! And glad you're enjoying the characters too.

As for Nazir's mini portrait issue, thank you for reporting! We'll keep an eye out for them for a future fix.

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Currently doing Nazir route (for like 2 days now but i only play during my free time) and i just wanted to say i love their interactions. 


I love how the MC starts to slowly joke around like Nazir. Their back and forths just makes me laugh so much.I swear while i was playing his route i was rolling around so much in bed squealing LOL. I paused my gameplay when Nazir planned to leave to learn more about the Rosenkurez and I decided to continue another time (when i have free time) ....I screamed into my pillow when i didnt get to tell Nazir how i felt. Ugh i love this so much! The art is amazing too! Ngl I was also so hurt when i found out Ishbell was a traitor (almost cried)...I had a feeling but like I didnt think she really was...but anyways. What a emotional ride so far, really enjoying it.

I regret not buying it earlier...silly me.

Also im curious: Is there a path where Nazir doesnt Awaken ?

currently praying theres a shirtless nazir scene

Continuation: So i lied and kept on playing...Raphael was just revealed to be a traitor and I swear to you I called it. Told myself "I hope Raphael isn't evil, especially Sala"...Honestly Im starting to realize you really just cant trust nobody in this story. never know whos aiming at you when your not looking.

Now my head is hurting...I can't tell who's mind controlled and whos actually doing this without being mind controlled...Im just like..what is going on.

The King is truly Handsome.

Finished the route. Amazing story ,art, relief went away at the "Ending 2". I still have a long way ahead but Im definitely in love with this vn and im definitely buying your next one!

Thank you so much for the kind words! So happy you're enjoying the game  and thanks for the support :D

(No matter which path you take, what happens to Nazir on his route will still happen. There is no way around it v_v )

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Before meeting the king I honestly thought it happened because he kissed the MC wound in the bar.

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how many cgs in total and playtime?

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The game has roughly 30 CGs (not counting variations) and depending on your reading speed, 8 - 12 hours per route with 3 routes in total :D

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I bought the Royal Alchemist - Anniversary SALE yesterday and played for 3 hours straight! The price is cheaper in steam but I, unfortunately, bought it here already before I checked steam. LMAO

Very nice game! The backgrounds are gorgeous and the CGs are stunning. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to play an otome game. The gameplay is also good. It's difficult, to be honest, so I started checking the guide(from the bundle) and switched to Story Mode. hahaha

Good job on your release! I love your game! More games to come, please!


so i've pre-ordered the game in 2019 and got it in 2020, but got to it only recently, because of life. i have to say it was the best spent money in my life! i have only completed one ending (i've spent on it 25h in total! with a guide!!! oh, i love this game), but i can't wait to complete other endings. i honestly love mechanics, the nerd inside me sees them and squeals. i also adore writing, i found myself liking all the characters and finding them fairly realistic. the plot twists were foreshadowed in the best way: when plot twist happens i think "oooh, it makes perfect sense, why haven't i thought about it" (tho i predicted some of the lesser plot twists). also, this game has so many of them that i even wrote to my friends "me, the fool, thinking that it was the last plot twist in royal alchemist". the art and music were also great. the art was really pleasing to the eye and i really enjoyed it. i mean, the games i decide to play usually have to be visually pleasing, so the fact i first played the demo, then paid for the pre-order and played the full game, AND that i have the wallpaper from this game on my laptop, means something. going back to the music: i usually play without it, listening to the songs i like, but it was very enjoyable and suitable to mood, so i played fully listening to it, great job. all in all, this is probably one of my favourite visual novels of all time. thank you for reading my word vomit.


Hello! Thank you so much for preordering the game and leaving us your thoughts :D 

We are glad you got to it and enjoyed it and the plot twist got you! Good luck on the other routes and endings too, once you get to them :D


Really, you guys nailed everything I want from an otome game! The music (which I very much love. It's relaxing and tense when the situations called. Not many VN games are good at that!), the CGs and background arts (some of the gorgeous ones have only 15 sec appearance and i was gaping on the resources the team pour into the arts), and the MC! I LOVE the way they had slight changes in each route, but at the core they're gentle yet firm to not back-out from the responsibilities and take fate into their own hands. They know their position and stand firmly on it. The stat raising was challenging, but I believe it's one of the charms of this game. Every character has their own charmed and I enjoy every interaction we get with them. Neri is such a big bro ready to stand by the mc and I'd hope in the next game there will be a character like him again(if not the LIXD )

My fav was Serin, as I went on his route firstXD His demeanor and his first appearance just swoop my mc away. He's such a cinnamon roll who suffers from my mc endless teasingXD His route is that soft blazing sunlight you'd enjoy while cuddling on your bed.


Hello, Developers. I'm here to give you the review as I have promised like months and months ago. I have typed all this after I finished playing, but for some reason procrastinated to post this ._. I don't want to keep procrastinating, so here it is! This is what I wrote right after I got all three romance endings, enjoy? XD


I’m back to review, Devs! I did say I will review after I finished all endings, but I don’t want to overplay in one sitting, so I’m back after I finished all three romance endings.

I really adore stat-rising games. It is challenging and frustrating, but I really enjoy it. My strategy basically is just to make my own walkthrough. I’ve never used so many save slots in my VN-playing career lol But don’t worry, I will not share it with anyone even if they beg themselves to their knees! This is my hard work for almost 27 hours, so buy or make one yourself! x.x





I played Aurelius’ Route first. Dang, it is so hard. I’m constantly being reminded of my poor etiquette hehe My favorite scene of his is when Alexis and Aurelius are playing chess. I’m amazed by the dialogues. It sounds… really inspiring. When Harris turns out to be a traitor, I feel my heart breaks with his. It must hurt cuz he is closer to Harris than his own parents. But when he kisses Alexis in front of his father, his uncle, his brother, and his mother figure asdfghjkl I’m not a fan of PDA, Aurelius, Your Highness!

If Aurelius’ route feels intense (maybe because I died countless times in his route lmao), Nazir feels like... a breath of fresh air. In his route, I have my self-made guide for one route already, so it’s easier. So I found myself indulging the story more. I’m smiling all the time, because he is just a ball of sunshine! To my surprise, his route is the purest of all lol My favorite scene is when he comes into Alexis’ chamber whenever he pleases. And when he turns into a Rosenkreuz, I truly feel the impact of what has been happening in his life. If I were him tho, I would resent my Rosenkreuz's blood. I have so much potential but this blood restrained me. Thank God he has Alexis at least.

If Nazir is a breath of fresh air (he is air alright), the Crown Prince is a cinnamon roll. He is too cute and pure!! ….Or so I thought. He makes me squeal out of his cuteness, but in the end my face just turns redder and redder… I feel like I intrude on something… You know what I’m talking about, Devs XD I’m so embarrassed omg They should get a room!!! But it dawned on me that they did get a room. I should have been the one to excuse myself asdfghjkl (I have seen “wilder” scenes, but… because it’s pure at first, I guess it makes me even more flustered. I didn't expect it.) My favorite scene of him… ironically… is when he hurts his eye. The CG is gorgeous!! And when he is crowned a king!! In fact, I was truly happy when I saw the scene for the first time in Aurelius' route. After experiencing a lot of deaths, the scene feels really REALLY rewarding.

My favorite character is… Beringer!! AAAA cute boy!! Please tell me you will explore his story in the future! If yes, I’m ded. Dang it, he’s too cute…

And about the MC, she is so bold. The LIs are all princes. If it were me, I would think this is SO not proper. (A mere tutor and royals!!! What an impropriety!!) But it just shows how MC is so honest with her feelings and so straight-forward. I think she’s a wonderful MC. She is not empty and she is her own person. Good job. I rarely insert myself to MCs, empty or not, so here I found myself cheering for her and for love. I’m like an invisible stalker who followed them all the time. And I don't mind hehe

I had hoped the Alchemy Requests are different for each route though. And I was hoping the route is less structured. But I understand, coding a game is hard haha And this game is time linear anyway, right?

Thank you for making such a great VN. I will definitely replay to find another ending.

To be honest, I'm more inclined to the idea that Alexis and the princes become friends instead. That's really rare. I don't really know why, but I think... as much as I LOVE stat-rising games, the downside is my immersion often breaks. I'm not too bonded to the characters, and as you can see my favorite characters are Beringer instead, not even one of the princes. But I won't think that is a bad thing! I'm happy with my feelings! I still love stat-rising games even with all the downsides. And there are so many events and scenes I like in the game. I like this game. Once again, that's just what matters. So, don't really mind this :D

Okay, that's all ^^ I'm looking forward to future updates or projects! Bye!


I just wanted to say this review is so cute haha! No like button so I decided to comment :3


Thank... you? XD XD XD

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Hi! As promised, coming at you with feedback!

I'm loving the game and the guide is being soo much useful, I got all the good endings and enjoyed them thoroughly.~ Yet to hunt for friendship ends and allll the deaths. 

I went for Serin first, because he's such a charming gentleman from the first moment~ He was sweet through and through, as expected, and fun to tease, although not much surprises. But week 55! That was cruel. :( 

I played Aurelius next. He made a bad first impression on me because of Week 2 :D But he was loyal to Serin and started to pick my interest. Getting to know him was a very positive surprise! I think the build-up of his romance route was my favorite. Loved week 39 ;) Also with the extra hints in his route... I see why you guys recommend to play him first, maybe I could have had a guess on the villain. Oh well. 

With Nazir, his plot twist genuinely blew my mind. Glad I played his route last because once that scene started, I recognized the signs! Two days later, I'm still thinking on it. Would have enjoyed an epilogue where they visit Alexis's father and get more answers on how his father makes him a special case! And, tbh, his confession seemed very sudden to me, for most of the time I felt like they were just becoming close friends (okay, except week 37, unless I messed up and missed more action), and I even questioned if Nazir likes Ishbell (at week 42). 

I'm having one problem/question: I cannot unlock the scene for Aurelius's second CG. I figured from the artbook that there should be a CG scene between week 2 and week 25, and I'm positive I've been following the guide correctly. Definitely passed the stat checks, but I didn't manage to get that scene on my second try either. :(
EDIT: nevermind, I realized the guide never said to craft an item for week 11, which I did... I think I got lots of exploring to do with how things can go right and wrong that week! 

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There's a lot of good things about this visual novel! I love the stat-raising aspects, the lore is unique, the art is beautiful, and the cast is full of colourful characters.

Unfortunately, I seem to have run into a glitch in the Mac version? When I tried to replay Aurelius' route to get all the CGs with the more masculine portrait, the truth serum didn't unlock after week 11. I tried to see if it was a glitch with the portrait by replaying up to that point with the more feminine portrait, but the item stayed locked. I then tried to see if playing Nazir's route instead would help, but the truth serum still stayed locked. I'm not exactly sure how to deal with this, and I'm pretty sure the truth serum is very important, so... help? Please?

EDIT: I reloaded some of my old saves for Aurelius' route and found that even with those files, the truth serum doesn't unlock?

EDIT 2: Sorry! It turns out that I might have just forgotten that the truth serum only unlocks in week 14, so there's no glitch here!

Hello! Thank you for playing :D And we're glad that the question got resolved. 

To clarify, yes, the Serum unlocks in Week 14 if your Intelligence stats are right!


This is one of those games that I can't believe I haven't seen people gush about all over the place because it really does everything it sets out to do extremely well. The visuals are clean and beautiful, the writing is wonderful (I've spotted a few minor typos here and there, but for the most part the script seems well-combed over and the actual writing itself is wonderful and regal without being overly mired in Monarchy Jargon), the characters are compelling, the romance slowburn is INCREDIBLY satisfying, the stat raising mechanics are perhaps the most fun I've ever encountered in a visual novel... This team just really knocked it out of the park! If I had to say something negative, I guess it'd be that a game of this caliber ought to have an original soundtrack rather than stock music. But really, I can't speak highly enough of it. I haven't even finished the game yet, but I'm like maybe 3/4ths of the way through an Aurelius route (assuming I don't die LMAO, I've been abusing save states on easy mode) and I've been 100% sucked in the entire time. Thank you for this wonderful game experience!

Awesome game! I've been playing for hours and hours and hours and still only finished Aurelius (I LOVE HIM SO MUCH) like there is so much gameplay, I love it! I can't wait to do Serin next~

Thank you! :D Glad you enjoy it.

Maybe it's too early to ask, but do you have any plans regarding the sequel? The game is absolutely wonderful, I simply cannot get enough of it.


Nazir immediately became my favorite when i saw him

Thank you! :D


hope you guys like my part of the game it really made determine to win this it lot of fun ! 😋 

Thank you! (Finally get to watching this. -adds to playlist-)


is it out now? :o

Yes, it is :D

oh wow


I finally finished my first part Gameplay I hope guys like it ! =3 

Thank you so much! -watching-

We've added it to our playlist too. Thanks!


is okay if i do gameplay of this game i like this game is fun ! here thumbnail of me and character  mc hope it 

Oh gosh this is adorable!

And yes, that's ok :D Thank you for asking. Please go ahead!

thank  you so much ! 


Thank you! Aurelius is awesome character!

Thank you! :D Glad you like him.


I was pleasantly surprised when i downloaded this game! I wasn't aware just how complex each and every character was (including the side characters), and I believe my only gripe would be that the two major plot twists didn't get much development until the very end. I would've loved to see either of those two characters slip up a few times or lose face to hint at, although not explicitly, what their goal was. Otherwise, this game was truly fantastic. Do you think you'll ever make a sequel? 


Thank you so much for the feedback! :D Very happy you enjoyed the game.

At the moment, we can't say anything specific in regards of a sequel yet. However,  we enjoyed developing this world a lot! So if we decide to develop a sequel, we'll definitely announce it.


I love this game it quickly became one of my favorite. I had played Long Live The Queen before so when you released this one i didnt even hesitate ^^ I do have a question though : Could you give give me some indications on how to obtain Serin Bad Ending ? It's the last one i'm missing and despite replaying multiple times Serin's route i just can't manage to get it and nothing is written in the guide. Thanks again for this wonderful game, i'll be waiting the next one :)

Hello! Thank you so much :D Super happy you enjoyed the game.

For Serin's Bad Ending, you'll have to go on Serin's Romance Route and increase his affection as much as possible (can be easily achieved with Beauty & Charisma). For Week 60, keep Serin's Light AND Wood magic under 170! And tadaaa :D Bad Ending ahoy!

(If you have a save file from his romance route from before maxing out his stats, you can probably use it.)


Oh wow it was much simpler that i thought ^^ Thanks a lot for the quick answer ! 

Hi Nifty Visuals, I have carefully read the whole description of your game and there's a huge job of writing and creation process. Have you considered to make it global? I am a video game localizer and I would relish to add this game to my work experience. If you need a project manager for the localization of this titlte I'm the person you need! 

Tell me your view about it. Take care.

Hi! Had a quick question (not sure to pose here or Steam). Is it normal or is it a glitch to get a negative item quantity? On the colorful cloth item, it says I have -1. I have not crafted this item yet on this save (though I did load back to a previous save and crafted it for a mission to see if I'd liked the outcome. I didn't and decided to just re-load back to my original save so that was in the future. Not sure if this is some sort of save glitch in that case? Can't see how that'd be possible in renpy's python engine.)

I am not sure if this is something intentional or not, but was a little confused.

Hello! This is definitely not intentional and should be a glitch. We haven't encountered it before though. Hopefully, you can continue playing without any problems?

I noticed that if i have a mission requiring items and dont do them I will end up with a -1 to the items afterwards. Made it difficult to complete requests because i'd need to make 2 of that item.

I love the game so far but I've reached week 14, trying to make the truth serum and it absolutely won't let me. I have everything I need to make it but it tells me no one can craft it and won't give me the synth. button.

Hello! You have to make sure one of the princes has all three magic stats required to make it, not all three separately.

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I just want to say to those playing for first time, even though tutorial gives you a hint on how you should focus on certain skills since you can't pass everything, just know there are skills you are going to need improve regardless of the route you are going after. I am not going to say which ones since that will be a spoiler, but when playing pay attention to what is happening in game and judge what you think may be important to improve. 

Haha i am giving this little advice because it is pain having to restart tons of times due to deaths xD I playing on adventure mode for first time btw, so I expected this anyway :p

and just as another hint if I wasn't already clear, every skill for both main character and princes all have uses. This game was very well designed , especially for an otome type game. unlike certain other games i rather not mention and rant about here, your skills and decisions actually make a meaningful impact in what happens in the story. I won't say like it will turn the whole story around, i don't think anything thaat dramatic, but without spoiling too much, your choices have purpose. This is not one of the visual novel type games where you choose something and it barely impacts the narrative of the story.

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I am loving the demo so far and plan to buy the game soon.Would my demo progress transfer to the full game?

Glad you liked it :D And yes, the progress should transfer over.

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Long Live the Queen was, I think, the first skill raiser with multiple endings that I played (years ago now!) and it was fun. I hadn't really enjoyed that mechanic in another game since, until Royal Alchemist. Which is great because I still have many endings to collect, hah. Just finished my first play-through. The game is very pretty, of course, but also: the pacing of the skill checks were just right, and the writing made it so enjoyable even during all of my backtracking to re-stat. :D The main character's personality really shone through in mission logs and their funny asides--those were some of my favorite lines. Congrats on the release!

Thank you so much!! :D We're super happy you enjoyed the game and the characters!

(LLtQ was one of our inspirations. We have a lot of love for it :D )


I posted this on an otome game forum and have pasted it here. This is spoiler free!

Here are some of the things that stood out to me:

-The writing is really beautiful. Even though with visual novels there is repetitive dialogue and scenes, often times I read the same scenes three times (on my multiple playthroughs) to appreciate the word choices and pick up on hints for plot twists. The world-building around the magic was natural and intriguing. 

-The MC is a strong (but not overpowered) magic-user. They’re really witty and made me laugh out loud several times. You can pick pronouns and a masculine/feminine portrait, which also affects the CGs. I also came to really care for the side characters. 

-There are three princes you can romance. Needless to say they each have their distinct personalities and ways of showing affection. I think all the routes have their shining moments, and are equal in quality. I appreciated the fact that if you pick one route, the other princes are still relevant and show up often to interact with the MC.

-This is a stat-raising game. I know a lot of people don’t enjoy stat-raising, but I think this game does it justice. The MC is an alchemy tutor to the princes, so the stats also fit in with the story. The stats actually affect the MC’s interactions with other characters, and you can even die if you don’t have enough points. There’s an easy mode and stat bonuses you can turn on for less pressure. Completing “stat checks” felt very rewarding and I liked the planning aspect. 

-In addition to the stats, there is a missions and crafting system. You get very short side stories, coins, and potential stat boosts by successfully completing missions. The items you craft can have an effect on the story and may be needed in missions or requested by side characters. For me this was a fun gameplay element and immersed me in the tutor/alchemist role of the MC.

-The art, backgrounds, and CGs are gorgeous. The music is standard for a visual novel but still great and worked to set the tone for each scene.

Some things that others might not like:

-There is not much romance until the latter part of the game. It’s more of a slow burn, with the plot coming first. I personally prefer this type of story (Reminds me of Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds).

-There are some plot twists. The good part is that they are unpredictable and had me fooled. However, I felt that there were still some questions left unresolved and a few unconvincing aspects. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the story.

-The stats system might feel tedious when doing multiple playthroughs. There are stats that the princes prefer if you pay attention, but there’s not really a way to predict which stats you’ll need and when (unless you buy the art/guide book... which is more expensive than the game). There are a few hints in the game, but sometimes they come too late. Fortunately, many times the only consequence is embarrassing yourself. Or occasionally dying. 

With some intense save reloading on easy mode, the perfectionist in me managed to pass all stat checks and requests in my third playthrough.

-There are male/female variations of the CGs, so to unlock them all you would have to complete a route with both the female and male portrait.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by Royal Alchemist and it is now one of my top otome games, though I may be biased because I love the fantasy/magic genre. I still have the non-romance endings, missions, and deaths to unlock, but I’m already looking forward to more work by the developers! 

If I absolutely had to pick a favorite route, it would be Aurelius. But Serin and Nazir are so sweet <3


Hello! We really appreciate reading about your thoughts. Each point helps us a lot planning and considering designs for the future! 

Thank you for taking your time to leave us this detailed review! :D 

Would it ever be possible for the game to be released on Nintendo Switch?


It's certainly not impossible. If the game does well and there's enough interest, we'll port it :D


Also, to the creators, do you have any concepts similar to this game coming soon? (I know you've only finished but I'm anxious haha)


Hello! Thank you :D We're super happy to hear you like the game!

We definitely have more stats-raising titles of different sizes coming up! The first previews have been unlocked on Patreon, but we'll also post public announcements soon :D

I await ur news, then :)))


Though I have yet to purchase it, I feel like I should say this here. After finishing (and surviving, I'm proud to say!) the demo, I had to stare at my screen in silence. With beautiful dialogue, characters, setting, story line, and magic, this was already the game of my dreams. 

After reading (too many) reviews, I'm definitely saving up but, to anyone who hasn't played the demo before, just the demo is worth the 20$. This game is a blessing :)))

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 sorry for the stupid question

since i always buy games on itch bc i only use paypal

if i buy this game here and use the steam key to my steam account, does that mean i buy the game on steam ? cuz i never buy any games on steam and they ( steam ) ask me to buy games so i can add friend and more . or i must buy it on steam ?

Hello! If you redeem your Steam key with your purchase, the game will be automatically added to your library :) So you don't have to buy it again on Steam.


ok i am going to buy the game here and thanks for answering

btw do you guys gonna make more games like this ??

cuz this game is so good

Thank you so much! Yes, we will have more games following similar themes in the future :D !

omg i can't wait and good luck you guys ( really this game is good so good work to the team ) :3

btw is this game still has more updates or it already finished??

Thank you! The game will only get more polishing / bug fixing updates. For now, it's finished, since we're not sure about extra episodes and / or sequels yet >w<

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wewow. i've been playing for several hours so far, and this game is totally worth the wait!! So far, i'm loving this a lot. I like how the MC is capable of saving themselves in many situations, the beautiful artworks, and the surprising amount of side characters! 

I'd love to have more variety of "flavoring"  for the MC's response, though. But overall, this is such a nice, enjoyable game, and i like it a lot <3

Thank you very much! :D We're happy you enjoy the game so far!


I finally bought it and played my first paythrough (Serin best boi)!  I had to come back to leave my review here as well (I posted a similar one on steam ^^).

I have to say, I really loved it! 

I like that the game really makes you think through your decisions strategically in order to succeed in each stage. The stat system is a bit trial and error at first until you get the hang of it. Overall, it's fun, and I like the use of your skills to craft specific items.

The story is engaging, the characters well design and written, and the art is beautiful!
The game offers plenty of hours of gameplay (I spent over 20 hours on just my first playthrough). 
All in all, It's a memorable and fun game. I'd totally recommend it!

I'm looking forward to your next project!! Royal Alchemist was so worth the wait ;-; <3


Hello! Thank you so much for taking your time and leaving us your review! :D

We're super glad you enjoyed the game and the system, after all trials and errors ;) More Serin lovers yay! Thank you for your support and we'll continue doing our best!


I survived the demo, yay!

And that was an AMAZING demo, I'm so happy I got to play such a generous amount of the game, it definitely got me interested and I even went back to make different choices to see what happens. I totally failed the first time but when I went back, I understood the skills a bit better and knew what to focus on. 

The characters were intriguing, each in their own way and I like the mysteries that were going around, right from the start and especially how the kingdom was created and all, hm-hm, I'd like to learn more. The art was great, I especially liked the CGs, the one for casting magic - sooo pretty! The fights were nicely handled too and I also liked the difference the skills made to various scenes. I'd have to keep the game on a wishlist for when I clear my backlog a bit because seeing all those locked endings and also possible deaths- I'd be curious to unlock all~ 

Hi Alera! Congrats on surviving the demo and we're very glad you liked it :D We wish you fun clearing your backlog and thank you for the wishlist!

What is the age rating for this game? Are there naughty scenes for the dates?

This game is 12+ / SFW.


I've also already written this review on steam, but I wanted to post it here as well in case some people exclusively view and I wanted more people to know about this amazing game.

This is my review:

"Royal Alchemist is a game that is better than how it looks and that is already saying a lot considering how amazing it looks like. It’s unique, special, full of good content, and just a joy to play.

I usually hate stat raising in visual novels; I find them unnecessary. Sometimes it even feels like the developers use it as a cheap way to distract us from the lack of actual content in the story. So it was surprising to see how much I actually enjoyed – and not tolerated, but genuinely enjoyed – the stat raising aspect of this game. The dialogue changed based on the stats, your lives depended on those stats, and how much you knew and figure out also depended on those stats. That added a great replay value to the game. They made complete sense and were essential. However, precisely because they make so much sense, I recommend for everyone to save often in the game, because if you raise the wrong stats, you really can die. Luckily though, you get stronger after that. There is a story mode and adventure mode. I’ve played with story-mode first and died about 2 times, but depending on your choices, you can have more chances to die.

Anyway, I mentioned before how I thought that developers sometimes uses stats to cover up lack of content. That was NOT the case with Royal Alchemist. In fact, it had a rich story with plot twists, lovable love interests, smart main character, and likable side characters. After playing through all the routes, I was able to learn new things about events that took place in another characters’ route and see different sides of the story. I’ve spent about 25-30 hours playing the game so it is definitely worth its price."

Also, I wanted to thank the developers for making this wonderful game. I’m on the discord too so I’ve already said this there, but Royal Alchemist has become one of my favorite visual novels. 😊

Hello! Thank you for taking your time to leave us your review! :D (And we can actually reply to you on here, yay!)

We're super glad you've enjoyed the game! Thank you so much for your support!

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this is simply a gorgeous game! the money was well spent, and i've fallen in love with all the characters (especially neri & sala.) i love the concept of gaining points. everyone is depicted so well, with their own specified reasons behind the way they guide themselves. (minor spoiler if u would count it) however, i wish there was more of a thorough analysis of the characters in the end, for nazir was a difficult person to understand if you had been in another route other than his.

nonetheless, the plot is very engaging. it captivated me at first glance in the demo and continued to amaze me with its detailed artwork. the romance is also very subtle at first, it slowly eases the main mc into it and does not rush the love. i can see the effort that goes into the game. i'm certainly grateful for having the opportunity to experience this! thank you for your hard work! <3

Thank you so much for the feedback! :D We're really glad you enjoyed the experience <3


The game is amazing. I really love it, yet there's one frustrating thing about it for me.  

!Warning. Might be spoilers ahead! 

Well, I played Aurelius route and I find MC attitude is being not quite satisfying. I mean, MC seems to be too passive and unemotional about his own (I played as a male) heart and love experience. Aurelius is a cold person himself and it's adorable he has a type, yet MC is not the same at all so why he acts as one? He is much more open and emotional, yet his attitude towards Aurelius is pretty distant even at the end of the game. I wonder why so? MC hardly acts as being in love, he doesn't seem as a person who truly loves his darling, sometimes he's seemed to be more interested in and caring about everyone else except his LI. His feelings' evolution has a bit lack of logic for my taste. It's like: "Oh, this grumpy guy gets on my nerves. He is a real jerk, hate him. Ok, then kiss him, kiss him with all the passion I have (o_O) and...well, I can't forget this kiss and feel awkward, thus I think I like him. Wanna marry him? Alright, maybe so". That was pretty weird relations development, Aurelius himself seems to show more feelings toward MC :)  I mean it would be nice to see more MC thoughts about his beloved, something more emotional and warm, something that makes to believe he is deeply in love, his feelings are strong and he really cares. Some more romantic as an ideal. But still VN is nice and exciting, I like twists.They were really unexpected. Thank you for great job :)

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Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! It leaves room for consideration if we ever extend the story. 

We're glad you still enjoyed the game :D

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